Dr. M

Dr. M

In the not-too-distant future Berlin is shocked by a series of spectacular suicides; a policeman's investigations lead him to a beautiful, enigmatic woman and the revelation of a sinister plot to manipulate the population through mass hypnosis.

In the not-too-distant future Berlin is shocked by a series of spectacular suicides; a policeman's investigations lead him to a beautiful, enigmatic woman and the revelation of a sinister ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jen L (ca) wrote: I cannot remember if I have seen Bayside Shakedown 1 or 2 before. So I think I am brand new to Bayside Shakedown. The story is ok at the beginning, but still not exciting enough. The worst is I don't think it makes sense for the ending. My friend said Bayside Shakedown 1 and 2 were much better.

Radek C (kr) wrote: A very slow and kind of 'relaxed' documentary, yet very exciting and full of passion. Makes you wonder - where did the author find all these small-time artists - just off the streets? Looked like it and therefore made this story even more exceptional.

Barry T (de) wrote: Barry says dont watch this shit

Durk C (gb) wrote: This review will be for the three movies: MASTERPIECE! that's it

N H (fr) wrote: Hilariously bad. A cross between Escape From New York, The Terminator and countless other similar films. With an implausible plot, over the top violence, derivative screenplay, horrible acting and cheesy dialog this silly movie is good for a few laughs and that's about it. It's basically a ridiculous low budget movie with horrible special FX, especially relating to the cyborgs.

Colin K (au) wrote: I can't believe I saw this in the theatre! And people were hysterically laughing?

Jordan F (br) wrote: Very sweet movie. Sean Penn and Nicolas Cage were much better when they were younger.

Thomas D (es) wrote: Sports movies are often stuck in the same old clichd formula, but more often than not, they work. To All the Right Moves credit, it doesn't follow that winning formula, but it also doesn't necessarily create its own well-strung story.In one of his first acting roles, Tom Cruise stars alongside Craig T. Nelson and Lea Thompson as his coach and girlfriend respectively. If for nothing else, this film is worth a watch just for those performances alone. Cruise and Thompson prove to be fearless in their risqu high school roles, and Nelson plays a great antagonist and obstacle for Cruise's 'Stefen' character. I can't speak too highly on the film itself, but those performances are certainly worth 90 minutes of your time.The biggest issue with All the Right Moves is that it actually tries to make too many 'moves' with its story, pun intended. It doesn't really know what it wants to be. On one hand, it's a nice coming of age story with Thompson and Cruise. The next it's an intense football drama between two schools. Or even a film that tackles the heavy themes of class struggle and sexuality, just to name a few. There's just no real focus here. The minute you start to get invested with what Nelson's team is doing, led by Cruise among others, it changes its course to another plot point entirely. I appreciate the film's intensions, it just didn't hit home the ideas that it set out to, and it suffers because of that.What I can say is that this film was probably more of a product of its time. The soundtrack is blatantly filled with slow and smooth 80's tracks that can be distracting. The sound editing as a whole is pretty poor. The football sequences are borderline amateur. And some of the plot points have been done much better in more recent years. Sure, that's not the film's fault, but it does hinder its re-watchability to an extent. It's fun to watch a young Cruise and Thompson share great chemistry, but there's not a lot beneath that.+Cruise shows promise+Attempts to explore deep themes-But fails at most of them-Misguided direction56/100

Russ B (ca) wrote: 12/26/2014: An excellent cast and a good story about buddies getting together for their high school reunion. It may not be spectacular in any way, but I love it.

Keenan S (ca) wrote: Bette Davis regarded this as her favorite film role, and it is easily among her all-time best films. Bette Davis could carry the entire film by herself, but her fellow cast members are no slackers either, with each one of them churning out sublime performances. This film is also a very emotional film, especially the end which Bette Davis plays beautifully. Dark Victory is a superb drama and needs to be seen by any fan of Bette Davis.

jackson w (au) wrote: Bad acting with a plot that makes no sense at all. overall a bad attemp to be cute.

John Eric D (br) wrote: Oh boy, I've seen enough. Enough of this bullsh*t, I mean. Like I was already hooked up with the third one. I thought this series is getting better at least. But boy I was wrong. This is I think the weakest of the franchise. I was expecting more, with exciting execution at least. But it's just RE 2 all over again. I really don't mind the acting nor the story, but the kind of action that everybody wants. It's like I'm watching a bad heavy metal music video with slow motions everywhere. And has really some awkward moments. The pacing sucks in this film. You are going to like it by its looks I guess, with overused CGI, cause this film is made to the 3D thing and it's improvisation. Look, it's all about marketing anymore. The better looking the visuals are, the people are going to watch it. But hardcore horror / action genre fans will definitely be disappointed. Paul W.S Anderson could do it better, or maybe he will produce these films instead. 2.5/5.

Jake A (us) wrote: Though not as good as the previous film, this is still a solid effort in the series and a great continuation of the plot from the prior film. It also has a solid cast in addition to the recurring cast, the score is brilliant, I like the visuals, the plot despite being a bit plodding deals with deep themes in a commendable way and it has assured direction from Leonard Nimoy.

Ola G (ag) wrote: In the town of Garrison, New Jersey, located across the Hudson River from New York City, a number of residents are NYPD officers. Local Sheriff Freddy Heflin (Sylvester Stallone) is secretly in love with Liz Randone (Annabella Sciorra), whose life he once saved after a car accident. Her rescue cost him the hearing in one ear which made him ineligible to become a New York City cop, as so many of his peers did, including Liz's abusive and unfaithful husband Joey Randone (Peter Berg). One night, Murray "Superboy" Babitch (Michael Rapaport), nephew of Lt. Ray Donlan (Harvey Keitel), is driving across the George Washington Bridge when his car is side-swiped by a couple of African-American teens. Babitch attempts to force them to pull over. The passenger points what Babitch thinks is a weapon just before (Babitch's) front tire "blows out". Believing they have fired at him, Babitch shoots back. In an ensuing accident, the teens are killed. Jack Rucker (Robert Patrick) removes the steering-wheel lock that Babitch mistook for a weapon from the hands of one of the dead teens and is caught trying to plant a sub-machine-gun in their vehicle to justify the shooting. Worried about the repercussions to his career, Babitch is persuaded by Donlan to fake his own suicide; with help from several other cops, Donlan pretends that Babitch has jumped off the bridge. Other corrupt police officers, including Detective Leo Crasky (John Spencer) and Frank Lagonda (Arthur Nascarella), fear that Babitch will resurface and testify about their corruption to Internal Affairs. Internal Affairs investigator Lt. Moe Tilden (Robert De Niro) asks if Heflin will provide information on the corrupt cops who live in Garrison. Heflin is intimidated by the New York City cops and is reluctant to betray them, derailing Tilden's investigation. Superiors in the department, related to the corrupt cops, order Tilden to shut down the investigation. Although the Babitch cover-up appears to be initially successful, Donlan is told by Patrolmen's Defense Association President Vincent Lassaro (Frank Vincent) that without a body, the case will not stay cold. Donlan reluctantly decides that his nephew must be killed. Babitch is tipped off by his aunt Rose (Cathy Moriarty) and escapes. He goes to Heflin's house looking for help, but when he sees Heflin's friend (and fellow NYPD cop) Gary "Figgsy" Figgis (Ray Liotta), he flees. Freddy must find a "Superboy" and protect him before Donlan finds him...Stallone's understated performance was praised by critics and he received the Best Actor award at the Stockholm International Film Festival. "Cop Land" was also screened at the 54th Venice Film Festival in the Midnight line-up. Earlier in May 1997, the film was accepted into the main competition at the Cannes Film Festival, but Miramax declined the invitation due to re-shoots that were needed for the film, including footage of Stallone 40 pounds heavier. Roger Ebert gave the film two out of four stars and wrote, "There is a rough balance between how long a movie is, how deep it goes and how much it can achieve. That balance is not found in Cop Land and the result is too much movie for the running time". On the other hand, Gene Siskel praised the movie, especially the screenplay, "One to be savored." In her review for The New York Times, Janet Maslin felt that, "the strength of Cop Land is in its hard-edged, novelistic portraits, which pile up furiously during the film's dynamic opening scenes... Yet if the price of Mangold's casting ambitions is a story that can't, finally, match its marquee value, that value is still inordinately strong. Everywhere the camera turns in this tense and volatile drama, it finds enough interest for a truckload of conventional Hollywood fare. Whatever its limitations, Cop Land has talent to burn". Entertainment Weekly gave the film a "B-" rating and Owen Gleiberman wrote, "Stallone does a solid, occasionally winning job of going through the motions of shedding his stardom, but the wattage of his personality is turned way down-at times, it's turned down to neutral. And that pretty much describes Cop Land, too. Dense, meandering, ambitious yet jarringly pulpy, this tale of big-city corruption in small-town America has competence without mood or power-a design but not a vision". In her review for the Washington Post, Rita Kempley wrote, "With its redundancy of supporting characters, snarled subplots and poky pace, Cop Land really might have been better off trading the director for a traffic cop". Rolling Stone magazine's Peter Travers praised Stallone's performance: "His performance builds slowly but achieves a stunning payoff when Freddy decides to clean up his town ... Freddy awakes to his own potential, and it's exhilarating to watch the character and the actor revive in unison. Nearly down for the count in the movie ring, Stallone isn't just back in the fight. He's a winner". In his review for the San Francisco Chronicle, Mick LaSalle also liked Stallone's work: "His transformation is more than a matter of weight. He looks spiritually beaten and terribly sad. He looks like a real person, not a cult-of-the-body film star, and he uses the opportunity to deliver his best performance in years"."Copland" is one of Sylvester Stallones finest moments as he get to truly show his acting abilities in a role we normally dont see him in. Hes overweight, bleak, sad, lonely and in secret longing for the woman he cant get. The cast, story, location and direction from James Mangold creates an intense and engaging film with a touch of an independent movie. The message to garner the courage to do what is right despite the risks involved and what you might sacrifice is not unique, but yet interesting and believable. The portrayal of corruption and dark sides of the police department is an important question to be asked as this is of course a threat to our society. If you cant trust the police who can you trust? The film has so many solid actors in the leads such as Harvey Keitel, Robert De Niro, Robert Patrick, Ray Liotta, Annabella Sciorra etc which bring the film to great heights as everybody has brought their A-Game. "Copland" is a great crime drama in my eyes. And I love the ending.

Ryan S (mx) wrote: Some laughs, but mostly an idiotic ordeal.

Lei T (de) wrote: OMG, I got addicted to the Peanuts gangs!