Dr. Sex

Dr. Sex

Three sex researchers discuss their strangest cases.

Three sex researchers discuss their strangest cases. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alexander S (nl) wrote: Even with a classic storyline with a few very bad jokes it's still way better than I expected.

Erik D (fr) wrote: Quiet, symbolic and gory - very Icelandic in other words. Says more about man in showing, than in telling. Short but powerful in it's own special way, WELL worth a watch.

David H (br) wrote: Another thrilling and funny Jackie Chan Movie with lot of Great Action, Stunts and Martial Arts

Larry B (au) wrote: Odd in some way to have watched this 1991 film on my flight to Osaka from Hong Kong (great to have the movie selection that CX always does). "Brooding" might be an excellent adjective to describe the whole thing, especially as for the most part I was thinking of Leslie Cheung's untimely death 12 years later, in 2003, when he jumped from a window on the 24th floor of the Mandarin Oriental, still my favorite Hong Kong hotel. The actor's confusion about his sexuality in real life also seems to have come through in spades, in this much earlier film.

Aj V (au) wrote: Another very weird movie from the 70s, there are three different stories included and just when you think one story is strange, the next one is even more outrageous. I liked the one about the lady and her candy boat, that could have been it's own movie. Overall, it's okay.

Andrea M (gb) wrote: I had wanted to see this movie for a while. So glad I had the chance to recently. There were a lot of great "moments" in this film but it was much slower than I expected it to be. One moment in particular is Harrison Ford's character singing "Some Enchanted Evening". I had made a Han Solo tribute video with that song in the background without even knowing that he had sung the song in the movie! Anyway, overall a fun throwback film that I guess wanted to be a throwback film for those who were of that age during the time.

Marc R (ru) wrote: Bertolucci has crafted a provocative indictment of fascism and conformity w/ a tricky fusion of sexual politics and upper-class decadence. But the true stars are Tritingnant, who gives a coiled, tense performance, and DP Vittorio Storaro, who conjures images of great visual beauty and dynamic textures.

Therese N (us) wrote: Beautiful, goddammit. Had me bawling like a baby

Katie M (nl) wrote: Dude, it's an Elvis movie. He wooed women, made nice with kids, got around in high-waisted pants, sang whenever he could and wore a lot of fake tan. In Acapulco. Who needs plot when you've got Elvis? My aunt came in while we were watching it, got all excited and sat down to watch the rest with us - I think I know who the movies were aimed at.

Brandon S (de) wrote: Romanticism, whimsy, innocence, optimism, and pure craftsmanship.The direction of your typical musical is to mold the song and dance elements into the film's story organically. This is not Stanley Donan's priority. He's making something bombastic and beautiful, and he won't let you have a moment to get ride of that smile on your face. For that, on behalf of the scores of filmmakers and filmgoers that this masterpiece has inspired, thank you, sir.

Stephen M (es) wrote: If you value your life, don't come between Lizabeth Scott and her money!

Sandra V (ca) wrote: Not as awful as most reviews suggest, this is mildly diverting and generally amusing. Anne Hathaway is the best thing in the film and it skips along at a screwball pace from one set piece to the next as the frenemies' attempts to thwart each other escalate. Lighthearted and breezy fluff.

Yash B (kr) wrote: This movie is a good sci fi thriller that works primarily because of Will Smith's performance. I feel like this type of world has existed in movies and TV before but his charamatic and emphatetic performance is what sets this movie apart. I think it's a consistently tense movie with a lot of smart elements. I enjoy watching it and think it is enjoyable overall. I do feel the first hour of the movie is dragged out a bit but the finale is quite exciting. It's a movie that probably could've been more complex but is still a good watch if you are a fan of this genre or Will Smith.

Casey S (gb) wrote: Extremely intense and extremely hard to watch, with sometimes excessive dialogue, I still understand how the film is regarded as a masterpiece.