The legend of vampire Count Dracula begins here with this original 1931 Dracula film from Bela Lugosi.

The ancient vampire Count Dracula arrives in England and begins to prey upon the virtuous young Mina. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dracula torrent reviews

Denislav R (gb) wrote: It's a good movie, it really is. It's a totally pointless and has almost no creativity in it whatsoever. It's full of jack-shit unbelievable ex-machinas, biological inaccurate sh*t that even I know are inaccurate AND Dory's memory being basically Slumdog Millionaire levels EXACTLY when it's needed. As I said this movie is good, but it is also absolutely pointless. I'd much rather see an original pixar movie than such a blatant cash-grab and I can't help being a lot more critical towards it. Three stars for the sole reason that this movie exists and that the ex machinas in this movie are enough for the whole Harry Potter series.

Kayee F (it) wrote: just finished watching it...no girls no romance and it still managed to make me cry like a baby! great acting Kim so hyun siiii!

Bryan M (nl) wrote: Really great and quirky indie rom-com movie!

ciara o (au) wrote: I enjoyed it because it had an originality and was not as predictable as most films however the story was a little too fairytaled

Andrew L (fr) wrote: Val is wanted. Val is dead. A bounty hunter finds his body. The sheriff won't pay him for the corpse. Some guns get drawn. Everyone chases the bounty hunter. Boring. And its evident that the Director thought so too. So he put in some sex scenes with a plump redhead. Didn't save it. Do yourself a favour and avoid this crap.

Bryan W (nl) wrote: W: 0. No good. Panettiere cannot act. Leung barely can.

Mark W (gb) wrote: It's quite interesting to watch a film series that started in the 50's and progressed into the 70's. The changes that took place in cinema based on nudity and class alone is incredible! However, the film was predictable, quite boring and a really lame ending! I guess Hammer dropped the ball with Dracula quite a while back and I'd guess there's no looking back based on how things have gone!

Graceann M (mx) wrote: I don't remember a thing about this film - if I hadn't written it on my movie list, I would have no proof of having watched it at all.

Dalia R (jp) wrote: went to see it it was good

Lagu K (fr) wrote: Favorite movie of all time .