Dracula and Son

Dracula and Son

With angry villagers driving them away from their castle in Transylvania, Dracula and his son Ferdinand head abroad. Dracula ends up in London, England where he becomes a horror movie star exploiting his vampire status. His son, meanwhile, is ashamed of his roots and ends up a night watchman in Paris, France where he falls for a girl. Naturally, tensions arise when father and son are reunited and both take a liking to the same girl.

Son grows up with father, leaves to go to big city in 1979. Father follows and tries to survive as a vampire in a modern world. Son finds girl, decides not to be a vampire anymore. Great ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dracula and Son torrent reviews

Jenna I (it) wrote: Spalding Gray in his own words. Left me wanting more however...a little too much editing and not enough breathing room.

Suchi V (au) wrote: Rom com ABCD movie in english. It's not bad but could be shorter and funnier

Robert I (nl) wrote: A Seagal classic. Much better than the first. Low budget, but has a lot of class.

Larissa N (br) wrote: cute old-guy movie... reminds me of "grumpy old men".

Marilena O (ru) wrote: It is a good movie. However, for those who have read the book, don't see it, you will get disappointed...

Ryan M (ag) wrote: I take back what I said about Gertrud being a hard film to love. Yes the style is completely and utterly uncompromising, it is a very cold and lonely film to watch, there are no "sympathetic characters we can easily identify with", and it has been deliberately photographed, written, directed and acted to carry out this mantra of harsh loneliness. The story itself concerns Gertrud, a woman with an uncompromising ideal of love that will not bend for any man, whether he's a former flame and poet, an intellectual psychologist, a talented young musician or even her politician husband. Impossible to fully unravel, extremely easy to admire, a supremely complex study on the contradictions of love, a woman's place in society, how free will and fate affect our lives, the balance of power within a relationship and whether or not one can be truly free if one is in love. To think the true tragedy of the words in the script aren't even fully articulated makes the whole story that much more devastating. More of a film that requires analysis from the viewer instead of entertaining them, Gertrud has a serious claim to be the best film ever made, for Dreyer utilises every cinematic tool to create his harsh worldview that always remains objective on the conflicted woman at the cold heart of the film, it's so complex that one film scholar wrote an entire book on just a single scene from "Gertrud".

Brian O (gb) wrote: I tried. Really I did.

Michael W (gb) wrote: Often overlooked among R&H musicals, Carousel is one of the best musicals of it's time.

Larry W (au) wrote: my first introduction to robin hood as a child.

Umaid Q (de) wrote: A movie that tests Superman's morals, and is an interesting take behind the philosophy of the Man of Steel.