Drácula contra Frankenstein

Dracula kills another innocent victim and Dr. Seward decides it's time to wipe him off the face of the earth. Armed with a hammer and a wooden stake, he arrives at Castle Dracula and duly ...

. . Armed with a hammer and a wooden stake, he arrives at Castle Dracula and duly . Seward decides it's time to wipe him off the face of the earth. Dracula kills another innocent victim and Dr

Drácula contra Frankenstein is a excited movies torrent of Paul D'Ales, Jesús Franco (foreword), Jesús Franco (screenplay), Jesús Franco (story). This movie was introduced in 1972. There are many actors in this movie torrents, such as Dennis Price, Howard Vernon, Paca Gabaldón, Alberto Dalbés, Britt Nichols, Geneviève Robert, Anne Libert, Luis Barboo, Brandy, Fernando Bilbao, Josyane Gibert. There are many categories, such as Horror. The rating is 4.1 in www.imdb.com. We have a good movie torrents. Enjoy this movies torrent and share to your friends

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Users reviews

s h e l l (br)

And i loved Pam Grier. I think it had a pretty good storyline. I think he is cheesy but i really enjoyed this movie. I love steven seagal

Aditya S (au)

liked it!. Takes a few artistic liberties with the logic, but good music, acting and story

Adrian B (us)

fter finding an old letter from one of his idols John Lennon he decides to make amends with his family and in particular his son who he never before now cared for. Great acting from Al Pacino about a veteran rock star who is is still touring to make money

Alberto L (de)

Barbara Steele performing is brilliant. Great movie

Allan C (fr)

Overall, don't watch this for the story, but absolutely check it out for the Mario Bava visuals. Re-watching this film now, I kind of wonder if this is a film that has worked it's way into the pubic unconscious, that that sets and costumes and look of this film are something that seems to reappear from time to time in variations. The story is only slightly better than the usual juvenile sci-fi from this period, but the film is visually head and shoulders above anything at the time. The story revolves around a spaceship crew landing on a mysterious fog covered planet, when the crew begin to turn on each others after coming under the control of the planet and it's inhabitants. Not the best written bit of science fiction, but amazingly atmospheric and crafted with some stunning visuals by director Mario Bava

Bob V (nl)

Pickford is also supposed to have defended herself once by saying that if she was going to cheat, she would have done it to win the very first Oscar ever, not the second. Of course, she was one (of only 3 women being the only actress, and of 36 total) of the founders of the Academy and the Oscar, leading to a lot of talk about using her influence to win, although there's no basis for this, as this film and her part in it were at the time highly esteemed by audience and critics alike. Pickford won the Oscar for her performance, only the second time it was given out. While the story is old as dirt (even in 1929, when the dirt was still a lot younger), and the acting suffers a little from the too florid mannerisms of silent film melodrama - after all the area of Pickford's expertise - there are several surprisingly powerful scenes in which she gives a heart-wrenching performance (though admittedly, other than these scenes, she seems to do little more than pout and blink a lot) . Because of Pickford's investments in technological advancements, "Coquette" has a lot of natural movement and different camera perspectives, a feat the major studios would not really accomplish until later in the Thirties. The camera was often placed behind clear glass plates to remedy this, but this still made it impossible to have scenes with a lot of motion. Many early sound films have barely any movement, since the slightest superfluous sound (the soft clinking of an actress' bracelet for instance) would be magnified on film and actually drown out the dialog. The first of the movie stars to embrace the new medium, she had a sound stage build on in her own Pickfair, and she actually had the best equipment around. Shearing off all her curls probably also helped. Transitioning to more adult roles had proved more difficult, but sound film, which was the ruin for many of the silent screen's great stars, actually helped her in this, basically starting afresh to the audience. Pickford was best known for her little girl roles and her elaborate whorl hair-style. Early talkie & first sound film for "Little" Mary Pickford, already established as the Queen of the silent film and Hollywood royalty with her husband Douglas Fairbanks (Senior)

Dana C (br)

La pelcula es buena, la historia es un poco aburrida pero la msica, la fotografa y los cliff hangers estn de 10

Greg W (jp)

dbl ur pleasure double ur fun

HungYa L (fr)

Songs in Chicago stay in your head for as long as they can!

Josh D (gb)

This direct-to-DVD drivel needs to be destroyed, annihilated, massacred, obliterated, destroyed, bombed, smashed, demolished, abolished, divided by zero, whatever - it must DIE. Remove any good plot and what have you got?Bippity, boppity boo!Forget how to animate and what have you got?Elephant poo, that's what!This poorly animated, half-assed "sequel" shares little of the predecessor's charm, originality or actual sense