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Luke B (es) wrote: this is a very good movie, Araon did a good job playing as John Lennon, the movie shows you how John Lennon became a star, but other then that. it was kind of a odd movie, i don't think his mother loved as much him,

OliverTodd H (br) wrote: Pretty average. I wouldn't waste spending money on watching this movie. There was no suspense and most of the killing scenes you don't fully get to see.

Fer M (fr) wrote: From the first momenT that I saw this trailer..it really got my atencion, maybe is because im corny or maybe is because it doesn't seem like a tipical romantic love story...I mean if trailer almost made me cry, I think that the movie will be much better..

Mark G (it) wrote: Lots of style, not much substance

James H (us) wrote: Unappealing but well photographed. I have always liked Freddie Prinze Jr, one of the few that apparently do. I liked his performance, different than what he usually does and I think it worked well. But the story is slow moving and not very involving. None of the characters had any zing, you just didn't care about any of the characters.

Chatraporn T (fr) wrote: good adaptaiton into film, the atmosphere of the movie very make me feel really suffocating and feel a bit scary. Joely Richardson was brilliant-- she really made me feel uncomfortable. Only thing that can help me smile in this movie is Jodhi May (she was so cute, and that smile of her is...cannot describe) One thing that I dislike about this movie is the ending-- too sudden, just telling story, building the feeling and then end...that it..

Ruth L (ca) wrote: Very fun show. Daly is just hot.

Tim S (ru) wrote: Nordic 12 bar blues.

Mihael T (it) wrote: It's OK movie. It contains lots of original WW2 footage from places it describes, which are well joined with rest of studio footage. The story is positive and inspiring. John Wayne isn't my favorite actor, but he isn't bad and whole movie is pleasure to see because of him and others. It is actualy funny movie too.

Bill20 D (ca) wrote: The best, and for a reason. An excellently written. well-cast, well-acted, well-directed, well-shot, frightening, and brilliant film. This is a classic of horror, a classic of science fiction, and a classic of film, and everybody who has seen it knows why.

Shea M (br) wrote: Andre 3000 is so believable you will barely even notice that there is no actual Jimi Hendrix music in this film.

Daniel C (mx) wrote: Requiem for a Dream holds the psychological depth expected of an Aronofsky work, but unlike other films I've seen of his, this one feels empathetic and hopeful. During the Summer chapter of the movie, we truly believe that the characters may have a future, but come Winter, all hope is lost in one of the most effectively depressing and sobering scenes in all of cinema. Requiem, while not the most adult movie I've seen, is certainly inappropriate for younger audiences--yet, that is not the reason I might hesitate to recommend it. The ending is truly unsettling and saddening, and left me in a state of introspection and loneliness.