Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary

Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary

A ballet rendition of Bram Stoker's gothic novel DRACULA, presented in a style reminiscent of the silent expressionistic cinema of the early 20th Century. This work employs the subtle and sometimes bold use of color to emphasize its themes, but mainly is presented in black-and-white, or tinted in monochrome. No spoken dialogue can be heard, and the story of a sinister but intriguing immigrant who preys upon young English women unfolds through dance, pantomime and subtitles.

A ballet rendition of Bram Stoker's gothic novel DRACULA, presented in a style reminiscent of the silent expressionistic cinema of the early 20th Century. This work employs the subtle and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Larry Y (mx) wrote: adding to wishlist based on Joe Bob Briggs' recommendation

Salim I (us) wrote: I found this film to be very original and creative. It's quite humorous, but a hint obscure. But still, I liked this film and I have became a huge fan of Michel Gondry's work

Liam U (nl) wrote: Good at highlighting and informing a historical event, but very uneven. Part underdog sports movie, part war movie - while these two genres have obvious similarities, it's not quite a fair comparison. The violence is very glamourised and the Hungarian revolution is romanticised, which detracts from the seriousness of the point the film is trying to convey. Still, it's relatively entertaining and informative.

Martin D (es) wrote: Scripter Jeb Stuart (Die Hard) made his directorial debut with this thriller about an FBI agent in pursuit of a serial killer. Politically ambitious Amarillo police chief Jack McGinnis (William Fichtner) uses a local murder to gain votes in his campaign, a setback for Sheriff Buck Olmstead (R. Lee Ermey), up for re-election. The situation looks better for Olmstead after FBI agent Frank LaCrosse (Dennis Quaid) arrives to track the killer. LaCrosse has a personal agenda: he's convinced this killer is the man who kidnapped his son. Meanwhile, ex-medical student Lane Dixon (Jared Leto), hitchhiking across New Mexico, gets a lift from friendly Bob Goodall (Danny Glover), a former rail worker who later rescues Dixon from menacing miners in a bar. Red herrings throughout conceal the true identity of the killer. Some scenes were filmed at an altitude of 10,000 feet in Red Cliff, Colorado. Working titles include: Going West in America, Going West. Shown at the 1997 Denver Film Festival.

Corey W (jp) wrote: You've seen it all before, but it's still somewhat entertaining.

Steve M (it) wrote: 33%? That's ridiculous. This is a fabulous movie with very good acting and an intriguing story, not to mention some gorgeous, groundbreaking cinematography and styles. Further proof that "professional" critics are self-loving morons.

Robert H (au) wrote: how knew the king could act

Daeli F (us) wrote: i like the slapping part

Brandon K (fr) wrote: bad ass! lots of shooting!

Vincent T (kr) wrote: Apres Shaun Of The Dead, le duo Pegg et Frost remette le paquet et ca decoiffe ! Une sorte de Bad Boys a la sauce British, on ne s'en lasse pas. Le meilleur du cinema britannique concentre en une seule histoire. Mon prefere de la trilogie.

Ian C (fr) wrote: Really let down by this as it is two of my favourite genre's combined (revenge and prison). Tries to hard to be the 'Scum' for the ASBO/Chav generation, instead it ends up looking like a bad episode of Prisoner Cell Block H.

Timothy N (us) wrote: Plot redundancy and cliched storytelling are One Chance's biggest flaws. However, it is still mostly moving and benefits from a true story.

Vladimir I (br) wrote: This movie sucked so much that I decided to write a review. Oh my god, I don't know where to start. I don't know if there is such award as Anti-Oscar. Probably, there is, because creators obviously were trying to win it in all nominations possible. Worst actor/actress, worst screenplay, worst movie, worst movie of all time, worst movie of all time and space.It is like Ben Affleck was thinking: OK you don't like how I act? I can make you suffer even more! I will make my own movie with blackjack and hookers! You will PLEAD me to ACT, so that I didn't have time to MAKE movies! Ha-ha-ha!!!I was watching this movie, waiting for two hours: now scenario will twist and the action will become interesting, suddenly I will see all previous BS in a new light, -- I was telling myself. Nope. Here's how you should watch this movie: watch first five minutes, then assume continuation in most beaten, in most Hollywood-clich way, -- and it's like you've seen the entire movie. I've just saved you 2 hours of your life. You are welcome.