Dragnet Girl

Dragnet Girl

Tokiko leads a double-life as an office typist and the mistress of a retired champion boxer and small-time ringleader named Jyoji. Hiroshi, a new recruit to the gang, hero worships Jyoji and neglects his studies. Hiroshi's sister Kazuko begs Jyoji to spare her brother from their shady dealings, but inadvertently casts a spell on Jyoji. After several reversals, Jyoji returns to Tokiko's arms. They decide to come clean, but not before pulling one last job to help Hiroshi and Kazuko.

A gangster tries to find redemption with the inadvertent help of an innocent shop girl and his jealous girlfriend will do anything to keep him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Slvio T (nl) wrote: O filme vai na linha dos magnficos Triangle e Primer, mas um exerccio de como destruir um tema. O diretor perde tempo demais com a apresentao de jovens estpidos com as quais ningum se importa e um roteiro bobo que tenta criar um paradoxo temporal que at poderia ser interessante, mas sucumbe diante de tantos fatores negativos e da pobreza do enredo. O anncio o tempo insistente de que se trata de um ciclo tambm (e os personagens insistirem em se comportar de forma a mant-lo mesmo sabendo dos eventos) difcil demais de aturar. A bobagem to grande que em certo ponto do filme voc chega a pensar em porque eles simplesmente no trocaram a camisa. Melhor fugir desse.

Tyler W (ca) wrote: Lame/Boring & A Very Predictable Film!

Tammy R (gb) wrote: This movie fell very flat too me. Very dull and hum-drum of a movie.

Robert I (it) wrote: Fun sequel. The more Hollywood this series became the better.

Andy S (ca) wrote: scientology earth worst hollywood film ever

Mike B (es) wrote: A masterpiece. Susan Sarandon is remarkable in the best movie of 2002.

Theresa J (jp) wrote: No Pee-wee's Big Adventure, but it gave us a Pee-Wee fix. Not an oscar deserving film, but if you are a certain age, you are gonna like Pee-Wee.

Steven D (de) wrote: I will see this soonish I thinks

mile H (ag) wrote: Super nice! I'm a big fan of the found footage genre and this was a great twist on it. I haven't seen too many movies that start off as comedies and then switch suddenly to horror?

Ryan H (au) wrote: The movie had a lot of trouble being made from changing multiple directors, delays, and shifting around roles. Which becomes apparent throughout the movie. All the actors do a very good job to keep the movie relevant though. Even with good performances the movie never able to overcome its troubled past. 41/100