Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball

Gohan has been kidnapped! To make matters worse, the evil Garlic Jr. is gathering the Dragonballs to wish for immortality. Only then will Garlic Jr. be able to take over the Earth in order to gain revenge for the death of his father. Goku rushes to save Gohan, but arrives at the fortress just as Garlic Jr. summons the Eternal Dragon! Krillin and Piccolo try to help Goku, but their combined powers.

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Matthew B (kr) wrote: Good B+ action movie. Acting was just alright by main character.

Fredrick R (gb) wrote: two old college buddies (one newlywed with the white picket fence life and corporate job, the other a nomad trying to be a modern Jack Kerouac) think they have a brilliant idea during drunken/pot filled night of fun..two straight guys having sex on film (themselves). While it starts out shaky, it becomes a very interesting movie about labels, self perception, "liberal" and "conservative" ideas, polyamory and sexuality. Some of the improv does run stale, but it succeeds in cringe worthy, awkward moments and silences that would make Judd Apetow proud!

Harden L (au) wrote: The best picture of 2008 in Hong Kong. Benny Chan, excellent directing! The movie brought out more excitement than the original 'Cellular'! I also like the preformance of Louis Koo and Barbie Hsu, also with Nick Cheung as 'Good police'!

Noname (ru) wrote: Another Walking Tall movie with Kevin Sorbo which played in the 2nd aswell. Its a decent action movie and this time he must deal with a drug lord. These movies are no big hits but watchable if u are out of action movies..

Michal G (mx) wrote: on rigole bien dans cette comdie djante.

Aravind G (us) wrote: Liked it .. was nice to watch ..

Yokfah S (mx) wrote: - would have kept him myself. can't believe such a young boy can play that well!Louka is also as charming, don't doubt why he's still a Casanova at that age.

Private U (jp) wrote: bu filmi seyredeli baya oldu cok dehset bir film

Jason C (ag) wrote: Kevin Costner is just as (im)plausible a weather-beaten killer as Liam Neeson but whatever sprinkling of magic Taken had, this is missing it. Still passable and entertaining but one has to wonder that studios do not line Luc Besson up with people that can actually write a screenplay without massive holes in it.

Jake M (au) wrote: Happy Feet (2006) - is a charming and sweet little film that manages to sneak in some very clever ideas and well meaning messages. The story is basic and could have been easily juvenile, but they tell it in such a compelling way without having to go harsh or too cheesy. You really do care about what the characters are feeling. I have to give this movie major props because it really does capture the spirit of being in antarctica as well as the life of a penguin. I really like the way they establish heart song as a meaning of religion and how it's important to the penguin colony. The film does incorporate familiar pop songs into the movie but they aren't used as a distraction and the songs really help out show the emotion of each of the characters whether it be singing or dancing. There's also a side plot about Mumble learning about aliens stealing fish from the arctic. The great thing about this, is that it works along with the rest of the story and it helps balance out with the main story with mumble trying to fit in. In fact I won't spoil but when Mumble does meet the aliens it's almost shocking in a way that still blows me away even to this day. Once that scene happened, the movie suddenly became a whole different thing and it almost feels genius in a way of what we actually thought was happening. The characters are lovable and really help boast a great amount of comedy and sometimes drama. Mumble himself is very sweet but also somewhat of a risk taker. Some of the decisions he makes can lead to consequences both good and bad. The late Robin Williams voices a few characters and he definitely knows how to pull of comedy but also a smart amount of seriousness. Mumbles parents are understandable and they really do show some good amount of pain throughout the film and Gloria is a kind but also sassy love interest. All the characters are understandable and they do have a purpose in serving the movie.The most Impressive aspect of the movie has to be the animation. The movie was released in 2006 and even by today's standards it looks amazingly realistic. I like how mumble looks like a life sized baby penguin compared to the rest of the colony, the rest of the animals in the arctic are downright amazingly detailed and the background animation is gorgeous as well as it is breathtaking. This is the kind of animated film that no matter how many times I watch the animation never fades or gets old. You should definitely see this film if you love penguins or if you love animated films in general cause this film will have your feet dancing to the music every time (A)

Tristan M (gb) wrote: Al Pacinos and Robert de Niros second performance together, their first being Heat, but this time their working with each other. They make a good pair, with both of them making good performances and fitting in with their jobs. The plot is good, pretty simple and it makes sense. It's all easy to follow, but the movie description seems somewhat off of how the movie actually goes down. It has a few laughs, the detectives know each other very well and make jokes but not ones that wouldn't happen in real life. It's not violent or action packed, there two gun incidents but mostly the story is told without fighting. We can see the way it's going to end, but it has a slight twist in who the killer is, but it's not far off from who we think it is. So pretty good movie, probably not as good as Heat, and it's not the first detective movie either of these famous actors have played.

Todd S (ag) wrote: Cleaner was a great film that would have gotten a much higher rating, if not for predictability. There are certain actors, when you see their names in the credits, you know, even before the film starts, that they are the bad guy, and that's exactly what happened here. Samuel L. Jackson stars as a former police officer, who was part of a dirty department. He knew that it would only be a matter of time before he was caught up in the corruption, so he decides to get out. Jackson decides to take on the unique, but very real profession of being a crime scene cleaner. One day, he's given a key and a job to do in an upscale neighborhood. Nothing is out of the ordinary, until the next day when he goes to get paid and discovers that the woman there has no idea what he's talking about. Now Jackson must discover who used him to cover up their crime, who was the victim, and why were they murdered? While I prefer Samuel L. Jackson in a more comedic role, he's just as good in a dramatic one. His strength has always been the ability to carry a film, no matter if it's dramatic or ridiculous. Despite being direct-to-video, Cleaner has a large supporting cast of stars that really help the film. A lot of these films tend to have newcomers backing the veteran star, and their weak performances bring down the quality of even the best written films. Here, Jackson is supported by the likes of Eva Mendes, Luis Guzman, and Ed Harris, all of whom are very believable, and all of whom help move the story along. Cleaner is intense, unique, and interesting, if you haven't seen a lot of film, you may not realize who the bad guy is, five minutes into the film, and you may be really surprised. As for me, it was like watching a movie that some amateur Netflix reviewer already ruined for me, and the suburb ending was lost.