Dragon Crusaders

Dragon Crusaders

In this sword-and-sorcery extravaganza, a group of marauding Knights Templar suffers a curse that transforms them into monsters, driving them to square off against an evil dragon obsessed with annihilating the entire world.

A group of fugitive Knights Templar attacks a pirate ship and they are cursed to turn into hideous monsters. To fight the curse and ultimately save the world, they must defeat the wizard-dragon who is determined to destroy it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dragon Crusaders torrent reviews

Mario M (jp) wrote: The best of the series. Smartly directed non-stop action, visually palatable and fabulous soundtrack.

max h (fr) wrote: Great fun, and the closest we will probably get to a true Indiana Jones sequel. Spielberg has some wonderfully aloof fun with the virtual world here, creating some of his greatest set pieces.

Samira J (ru) wrote: itz unbelievable but true that man canturn beast...

Joe E (ru) wrote: Ugh, devoid of laughs.

Scott C (it) wrote: I remember there being some clever stuff in here, but I also recall it being an uncomfortable watch (in a bad way)

Julie M (ru) wrote: This movie gets funnier every time I see it... great performance by all..

Arum Padma O (de) wrote: Visually, it's THE BEST rainy, wet, depressing, gloomy, damp film I've ever seen. But the slow pace and seemingly pointless plot are some times just unbearable. I actually watched this months ago, and stopped because it's too boring and continued it just now. I'm quite simple minded person, I think this movie is just all about moods.

Benjamin N (mx) wrote: so bad it is great...JACKSON

Patrick C (ru) wrote: I had read every available book about the Titanic up to the release date of this movie since I had learned how to read at age 4, so I was excited to go see if the movie would be as entertaining as the book by Clive Cussler. Now I understand why it took another 25 + years before Cussler let another director butcher one of his books. For instance, one of the most dramatic scenes in the book - where the Russians board the ship in a hurricane and the accompanying action - were replaced by the " Look you Russkie! - Right over yonder is one of our submarines and a couple of F-14s are here too, so you better be nice!" scene. Underwater scenes were scaled so bad it was almost impossible to think there wasn't an invisible kid playing in his bathtub with the models. Watching the scene where the Titanic comes back to the surface was about the only memorable part of the movie. Alec Guiness does good job as an old Titanic survivor, and the soundtrack is actually pretty engaging. So if you have a few hours to kill for a great sea yarn, then by all means... watch "Mutiny on the Bounty" with Laughton and Gable. Except for the afore-mentioned points - this movie sucks. I wonder what James Cameron could have done with the book...?

Andreia C (ag) wrote: God this movies are all the same.Positives: Father-son relationship.Negatives: Everything else.

John D (es) wrote: Bilge, the only sight worth seeing in this crapaganza was Reiko Tamashima as Dr Sado-so cute!