Dragon Day

Dragon Day

When Duke Evans, out of work NSA analyst, is evicted from his home he moves his family to his grandfather's old cabin. However here they are also threatened when a hellish cyber-attack is unleashed on the US rendering anything with a computer chip useless. He must now keep his family alive, fight off would be thieves and a newly corrupted government and ultimately make the hardest decision of his life- to survive. Written by Patterson, Matt (V)

A family getaway to a mountain town turns deadly when China launches a massive cyberattack against the USA, forcing former NSA engineer Duke Evans to fight to save his wife and daughter in the New World Order. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas P (gb) wrote: It is really hard to figure out if I liked or didn't like this film. If you are looking for entertainment this film isn't for you. If you are looking for an deep noir film that uses scenery and sound track to convey a lot meaning, give it a try. Don't expect 'Sixth Sense'

David D (us) wrote: Starts off strong (four star quality) but looses its way about halfway through. Not particularly original to begin with it becomes really trite in the two star second half and seems along the way to have forgotten any message the filmmakers had in mind to begin with. Much of the acting is quite well done. Writer/Director Bryan Goluboff has written better work. Hopefully, he will improve as a director and turn out future films as good as the first half of this one.

Julia L (kr) wrote: the whole movie was shot in the Netherlands!!!!this is the most reason i gave 4 stars.Movie itself, uhmmmmm, not bad story, though twisted.

Cindy H (es) wrote: Didn't care for this one..

Nesya J (nl) wrote: completely horrible,, if this movie is try to looks funny ,, try harder then. bad taste of humour..this is so unexpected..

Adam U (br) wrote: Robin was perfect in her role . and this movie makes you want to go Paparazzi hunting ,

Brian K (us) wrote: Disney kept lowering the bar in the early-to-mid 2000's and Brother Bear is arguably the company at its tolerable, guileless nadir.

Tristan P (de) wrote: An interesting documentary both informative and funny (in an uncomfortable sort of way) and you leave wondering, how ever did they put up with one another through all the crap they gave each other?

John H (au) wrote: I don't know where to begin. Is it the shaved space tigers, Maniac acting like someone who shouldn't be around sharp objects, the visuals that are worse than he game which was made almost 10 years earlier, the shoehorned in subplot of the "pilgrims" ... no the stupidest part had to be the singularity everyone keeps flying into because the computer told them it was a good idea. Play the game. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Bo M (es) wrote: gut wrenching, upsetting viewing

Daniel R (us) wrote: hilarious movie Pauly Shore is just hilarious anyway and he has to go to a jury duty to get paid because he didn't have a job it's funny he really is

Shaun E (nl) wrote: Lol Tupac Went Crazy..

Brandon W (it) wrote: Labyrinth is directed by Jim Henson, and it stars Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie in a adventure fantasy film about a teenager who's tired of her baby brother, ask for him to be sent away by the Goblin King, and the Goblin King took the baby while Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) regrets what she has done, and goes to the labyrinth to go save her brother. When I heard about David Bowie, and how he was well known for not only his music, but for also being in Labyrinth, I wanted to see it when I got the chance for it. When I got to see it, I really like it, but it wasn't much of a magical experience to me. I know there are some people who were more forgiving of Jennifer Connelly's acting in this, but I didn't think she was that good in it. There were times that she was good, but overall, she just seemed kind of whiny to me and it just doesn't seem like a good choice. The actor that is having a lot of fun, is David Bowie. He acts like his own persona, and is giving it all he has with this. The puppet effects look really good that it looks different from another puppet in this, and it seems like they were focusing more on that than the plot, which wasn't really that interesting. The supporting characters are memorable, and the humor is funny at times. With Jim Henson, George Lucas, and Terry Jones involved with it, Labyrinth turns into a really good movie that while not perfect, I can see the heart and care of the film, and the fan base for this as it deservingly does so.

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