Dragon's Showdown

Dragon's Showdown

Lee Lung witnessed the murder of his parents by the ruthless bandit Shek King who in turn abducted Lee's infant sister. Lee wanders the land and learns martial arts from a drunken master. ...

Dragon Lee, a vital cog in the Bruceploitation machine, fights a LOT in one of the goofiest, yet fun kung fu films ever made. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Philip S (us) wrote: Stories centered on the plot element of children switched at birth are not that new to the worlds of television and movies. Any number of stories has been crafted both for the big screen and small for decades with this plot element at their center. So the question is raised now in the 21st Century, how does one go about crafting a story based in this tried and true element without being trite? The answer: Cohen Media Group?s new movie, The Other Son.The Other Son is at its most basic of roots, less a story of babies switched at birth than a political statement of sorts. It presents the story of Joseph and Yacine (played respectively by Jules Sitruk and Mehdi Dehbi). One is Palestinian. The other is Israeli. The pair was switched at birth by pure accident during the Gulf War. The result was that one grew up Israeli when he should have been Palestinian and vice versa. The resultant effect is that both bys? parents find out when the boys have both grown up, as do the boys themselves, leading to some very mixed emotions among them. The boys? parents take the news especially hard. That?s not to say that the boys don?t take the news hard. But in meeting one another, they get along quite better than their parents. The dichotomy of the two situations is its own statement. The contradiction of how the parents and sons handle one another goes into the deeper, more social message that it shouldn?t matter whether one is Palestinian or Israeli. People are people, and can still get along. It seems cheesy, yes. But in a region that has been ravaged by war for decades, this is a message that is relevant even today. Even being a foreign language film, it?s one that audiences of any nationality will appreciate for this message. This includes Middle Eastern audiences along the entire West Bank.The story does a relatively good job of portraying the two different lifestyles of the Palestinian and Israeli families and their lifestyles. Though, one could argue that there might actually be a slight bias here as those on the Israeli side are portrayed as having a better lifestyle and living conditions than the Palestinians. Of course that is merely a matter of one critic?s interpretation. It doesn?t necessarily mean that that is the case. Though it is sure to generate discussion, which in itself is not necessarily a bad thing. Any time that discussion over the ongoing tensions in the West Bank is raised, it?s a good thing. And speaking of discussion, the story?s end will generate just as much discussion among viewers, if not more. The story is left open-ended through its conclusion. And while some may complain about that since it isn?t wrapped up with a pretty bow on top, the story?s final statement?made through voice over?brings full circle the statement about it not mattering who one is or one?s roots. It re-states that we it is possible to overcome the past and live together peacefully. Yes, it?s something of a hippy-esque message. But it?s one that will always be relevant as evidenced in this story that although it?s a foreign language film, is worth at least one watch.

Mark T (de) wrote: Positive but predictable and uneventful story. Half an hour too long! The characters are flat but this is a TV movie.

Korinn G (nl) wrote: jackie chan makes this movie more interesting.. its kinda like rat race tho

Ian E (gb) wrote: Appears to have been made for the idiotic demographic. The humour is too profane and crude, rendering them unfunny. The horror scenarios are too predictable and generic, rendering them not scary.

Annelies S (ag) wrote: Nuns writing romantic novels, nuns having a full-grown tiger as a pet, nuns wo take heroin daily, lesbian nuns... you see it all in this movie. But the style is very much eighties and not really well-made. I wouldn't recommend it because of the plot either.

Liam P (ag) wrote: For me Straw Dogs is the best kind of horror movie. It's not about a killer or an supernatural entity. It's about Man vs his own psyche. That is my kind of horror film.

Jason M (au) wrote: Another in a long line of Michael Douglas-as-victim movies. Overhyped, overrated, not particularly sexy.

Brandon W (ru) wrote: When I was watching the beginning of Crimson Tide, I didn't understand why people liked it. It was dull and uninteresting besides the great acting. The effects outside the submarine are great, just not interesting. But when it gets to the middle with all heck breaks loose, it was very interesting to see where it's going. It also made me wonder how it's going to end even though history for it gives you the answer. It was very thought provoking and I really don't know who to side for as they give valid points. I thought there was going to be lots of action consider that it's directed by Tony Scott, but there are some action, and it is great to watch. Even stuff inside the submarine with the war between Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman is really interesting. Despite the flaws, Crimson Tide is a great submarine movie.

David B (de) wrote: After much white noise and other loud sounds along with annoying picture fluctuations, the individual horror segments begin. None of them are impressive. I recognize that it's part of the great horror tradition to beat a marketable name into the ground, but that doesn't make up for the disappointment. Out the three, this is the worst, it's problem lies is it's own demise, if you've seen the first two then you'll know what to expect, except this one isn't shocking nor fun to watch. Good twist at the end and the young cast are good but it lacks spice from a weak script. However, it does end an interesting trilogy but I'd stick with the bloody gory second film and the first film that shocked the shaky cam-doc genre. One need go no further than the film's first segment to grasp how little interest the latest entry in the anthology series has in generating chills from the lo-fi.