Dragones: destino de fuego

Dragones: destino de fuego


Dragones: destino de fuego (Known as it's English title: Dragons: Destiny of Fire) is a Peru CGI animated film produced by: Ana María Roca-Rey and animated and distributed by: Alpamayo Entertainment. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leon W (it) wrote: Not as good as Garden State but still a good film.

William R (ca) wrote: Barely a movie, a shell of a script, terrible acting save for the curly blonde haired girl. It had lighting problems, acting problems, continuity errors. The dialogue sounded contrived, boring, fake, and rehearsed. This movie makes you laugh, but it's not funny. The entire movie was dripped in cliches and the writer and director, however low of a budget he may have been dealing with or whatever his level of experience, should feel bad about making this movie because his work is an insult to his craft. He should'nt have let this be made so poorly. On another note, give the girl who played Sam a medal, she was not only a good actress, but the ONLY good actress in the entire movie and did wonders with the poor script she had to work with. In short, there's a million movies like this one, but this one is exceptionally terrible. It's the only time I regretted watching a movie, and I feel like I have been robbed.

Todd S (br) wrote: Love Ranch is a fictionalized bio-pic, loosely based on the true story of Joe & Sally Conforte. The Conforte's were the first people to open a legalized brothel in the state of Nevada and for a while, became local celebrities, until it all came crashing down. It was an interesting story, following the lives of two people, that most of us don't know anything about. As for the film, while it over-dramatized a lot of the events, it really fails to make much of an impact. There are scenes that make these two look like gangsters, others that make them look like royalty, and several that just makes them look like trailer trash. The truth is that it was hard to really decipher the true character of these people and figure out what they were really like. I was mildly interested in the story, but what I really wanted to see was the return of Joe Pesci. Since retiring in 1999, Pesci had a cameo in one film, but this is was his first leading role since Lethal Weapon 4. For the living legend, it was as if he had never stopped, giving a terrific performance. The only disappointing thing was that they kept Pesci's classic, profanity laced tirades to a minimum, but other than that, he was really terrific. Helen Mirren on the other hands kind of annoyed me in this film. She's always been an amazing actress, but her performance was really all over the place. I guess it has to do with the emotional state of the woman she was playing, but to be honest I was very unimpressed by what I saw from her. While it was great to see Joe Pesci back on the big screen, the Love Ranch was really just a mass of confusion that was all over the place. It was nearly impossible to separate the truth from the Hollywood bull shit, when personalities and situations are changing so rapidly. If you love Joe Pesci, you won't want to miss his comeback, but the film that brought him out of retirement, really isn't anything special.

Joel R (au) wrote: "I've lied about a lot of things. Who hasn't?"Deceiver um thriller policial com maior enfse no estudo de personagens, prescindindo da abordagem mais clssica da investigao forense propriamente dita. Alm disso, toda a histria assenta numa narrativa intimista, composta essencialmente por trs personagens que servem quase de ensaio psicolgico a temas como psicanlise e leitura facial, atribuindo ao filme um aspecto de julgamento minimalista no qual participamos de forma passiva.A histria, que gira em torno de uma prostituta assassinada, podia ter sido mais trabalhada. frequente ficarmos perdidos nas dedues que vo sendo tomadas, adensando-se a trama a cada nova intriga ou suspeita que desvendada. Talvez tenha sido esse o propsito do filme, a julgar pela escolha do ttulo. No entanto, so demasiadas as deluses e, no final, escasseiam as concluses. Ainda assim, h que anotar alguns pormenores interessantes na cinematografia, nomeadamente os ngulos de cmara nas cenas de interrogatrio, que estabelecem uma atmosfera misteriosa, difundindo os nossos pensamentos.A comparao mais bvia que consigo imaginar ser, porventura, com o filme Primal Fear, por isso no ser um erro afirmar que quem gostou desse filme certamente ficar satisfeito com este thriller invulgar.

Kong Y (gb) wrote: So dumb that it's hilarious. Such a fantastic comedy.

Clyde K (br) wrote: I remember seeing this film late night one TBS as a kid. You might recognize Burt Young from Rocky fame. It seems like Pauly stepped off of Rocky2 and wandered into this film to deliver his great comedic timing. It's also great to see Saxon as the chief. I miss seeing movies with great actors. Fuck off Sarah Michelle Gellar!

John R (kr) wrote: Though an old black and white, I really enjoyed this movie. Fun. Neat classy old actors. 130919: Still loved it. Funny thing is, I read all these critic reviews below and find comments about accuracy etc. Weird. I don't watch most movies for historical accuracy. I watch for entertainment of which this film provides a great deal. Inspired me look up information on John Brown.

Jason S (fr) wrote: The fast talking gangsters in Tarantino's first flick help make it his best.