Dragonetti the Ruthless Contract Killer

Dragonetti the Ruthless Contract Killer

A ruthless contract killer is hired by a crime boss from Gothenburg, but everything goes wrong. Dragonetti becomes possessed and the murders begin.

A ruthless contract killer is hired by a crime boss from Gothenburg, but everything goes wrong. Dragonetti becomes possessed and the murders begin. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dragonetti the Ruthless Contract Killer torrent reviews

Shelby F (ru) wrote: Kind of confusing plot but otherwise enjoyable and heartfelt.

Galvy F (us) wrote: (needs 30 minutes intro)When we see that we must find away. When we see that we must share the world rather then takeover. When we can't wait to see our family, but need to see to it they are safe first. When we see all our lives are in the hands of a mad man whom he endangers all our life. When we need to see that some plans must work, when we have a light time and window of light to do so when we have him in our grasps for a moment. When we need to see that we do it correctly and right that we get the right consent, and backing.When we see that we are literally being treasonous to our country.When we come face to face with evil to see that we cannot jeopardize the mission, when they are too high to see or notice whom we are and what we do to know that some leaders need to get out. When we see we need to start some place and end up in another place to see that the plan spreads to its intended targets and works. When see we must we equipped with the most advanced hidden weaponry to easily go undetected and unnoticed. When we see the importance of our mission to continue further into enemy lines. When we need to see our family has a safe passage out.When we see we must inform all whom would be involved in any case protocol were to happen. When we see that our loyalties lay on one side and others on the other side when we are supposed to be on the same side to know we are not scared to bleed for our country's well being. When we can't let others see whom are not on our side, we block from seeing. When we see but don't see any chance of victory when we can't see any moves we can make when we sre blocked. When we see that such plans worked, and have the opportunity to switch sides and see to thst we salvage whatever is remaining of our country. When we can't see to any changes when we can't see if those whom are targets are, got the package. When we need to see to get confirmation, but need to act fast when we see that we don't have much time. When we need to see that we receive safe passage, see that we take full control of communications, seize full command from those whom we wish to remove. When we see there are protocols in place and there are other people in charge and resume control but unsure which side takes full responsibility. When we see that we are ready to die for country. When we don't need to see what we hear when we know which side still has the upper hand and full control when plans are still in effect and there is no going back. When we see that others had another plan in effect when our side has traitors. When we see our plans have failed, and all means of communication is cut off when our side is too weak and the other side is too powerful when their message and broadcast is too clear and loud that we see they have already resumed control and plans are in effect that can no longer go back on. When we see we are all in or out to know we must stand on opposite sides & views when we believe to see our country a certain way. When we see we must accept defeat. When we hold each person accountable for their involvement to see they get the punishment they deserve. When it would be the last time we will see our country and loved ones again. When we see that there were others just like us that wished to see what we saw but failed too. When we see we were on the right side when our side turned evil and we had the choice of following or dieing for the side we choose.When we wish to see that we are on the right side when the wrong side is fallen when the right side claims victory and we are seen to help with their defeat. ***************************************************************************When all whom had a part in the war in Nazi Germany, were either for domination or preservation of Germany's future. When you need to overthrow a dictator from within. When you have to be calculated, time it just right, and send word to allies. When we are in the right position of power to do something, for a greater cause that is more then ourselves and others to handle, that we make sacrifices. When we risk alot for a better, prosperous country, without dictatorship and censoring, that we start early to rebuild what remains. When our work doesn't mean it was for nothing, and our intentions go unnoticed, we take a stronghold in history as being on the right side of justice and freedom in the fight against evil.

Andy H (us) wrote: Steven Seagal is still alive?

Brent L (au) wrote: Bad acting, terrible special effects, pathetic script, and lesbians. It was hilarious

Anthony I (nl) wrote: Chuck Barris, the host of the infamous Gong Show, wrote a book long ago in which he claims that he moonlighted as a CIA assassin overseas. Yeah, I call shenanigans. Knowing who Chuck is through glimpses of Gong Show reruns, and his apparent addiction to women, he seems like a full-blown sociopath. But man, what a story he tells. Hell, I'd make a movie out of it too if given the chance. Charlie Kaufman is the scribe to this interesting film, and we see a bright portion of his mad genius in quite a few sections of the film. The final scenes of the film really highlight his fantastic surrealism. Yet, the potential of his script gets squashed by it's director, George Clooney. The Hollywood golden-boy's first foray into directing a film, and he makes sure to gussy it up with as many celebrities as he can squeeze in, and an EXTREMELY overexposed image quality. This movie is desperate to be Kaufman, but is forced through the Clooney machine. So what we get, is a great idea, watered down. But out of the many problems the film has, the brightest spot of the whole thing, other than it's great script, is Sam Rockwell as Chuck Barris. He gives a nearly flawless portrayal of him. It's scary how uncanny he is to him.

Michael W (jp) wrote: This is a pretty well done guilty pleasure. I don't know why I love this movie but I really do for some reason. Oliver Platt brought it.

Alan L (fr) wrote: Beautiful. If you liked "The Blues Brothers", you'll love the "Leningrad Cowboys".

Christopher C (fr) wrote: My brother watched the shit out of this movie. And since it was bad, that was a lot of shit to watch. But I still grin when thinking about the old man delivering bad '80s slang.

Nathaniel D (jp) wrote: I love this film. the three gentlemen from USSRare great.

Brendan N (nl) wrote: funny comedy that works thanks to the likable leads. nicolas cage plays the normal roles quite well and here the film works all the better for it. As romantic comedies go this is quite good but it lacks a lot creativeness to make it stand out. Last watched 27th Feb 2017.