Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight

Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight

After five years apart, searching the world of Krynn for proof of the existence of the true gods, a group of adventurers reach their goal in the form of a barbarian woman carrying a miraculous blue crystal staff. Soon they are thrust into war as an army of dragons overtakes their homeland.

A barbarian woman with a miraculous healing staff gains the help of a group of to-be heroes as an army of dragons invades the land. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight torrent reviews

Paul D (es) wrote: The film has striking imagery and a great use of colour to create a mood. The story isn't bad, but the protracted silences add little depth, and rather than being a time for the audience to reflect, it is more of case of waiting around for something else to happen.

Cayden N (it) wrote: If you go in with a light heart and open mind you will have an enjoyable experience. But there will be those who do not understand its charm. Outrageous for the most part but in a smart and witty way I found myself laughing much more than I thought I was going to. The cast definitely does not disappoint as well, and if you watch movies as much as I do you'll recognize many of them.

Shantel D (ag) wrote: I used to absolutely hate this movie, but rewatching something a few times can change your opinion! It is a fun movie with cheesy effects, it kind of has a spirit like Beetlejuice does.

erik a (fr) wrote: Yeah, Joey Pesci, one of my all-time favorites

Andres G (fr) wrote: Average film about the Nazis and the British spies during the IIWW.The Germans try to build a long range rocket and the Brits try to know what's going on.

Evan H (es) wrote: Jean Seberg was good in this!

Soraya (fr) wrote: OOOHHH i remember when bart read this book in 'the simpsons'

Michael T (it) wrote: Hard-hitting, realistic, with great performances by Cagney & Day.

Millo T (jp) wrote: The movie is correct, but not good enough to compensate trying to transform a fight about power and religion in an allegate pro-religious tolerance and love.

Art S (au) wrote: Kobayashi's film feels like a horror film or at the very least a potently grim fable. Told mostly in flashback by Tatsuya Nakadai, a masterless samurai, who has turned up at the castle of the Ii clan, asking permission to commit ritual suicide to end his miserable life. The stark black and white serves only to highlight the stark coldness of the feudal system and its unfeeling code of honour (that may be really just a front for authoritarians who take pleasure in sadistic treatment of underlings, or so Kobayashi seems to be implying). As his story progresses, Nakadai's samurai gradually reveals his hand, undermining the moral rectitude of the clan that has put on such airs of superiority. Of course, the film crescendos with violence and ends very bleakly. In 2012, Miike Takashi remade the film in colour and 3D but that version seems almost pointless in its close transcription of the powerful and gripping original. Unbearably tense.

Carlos Javier P (jp) wrote: Aunque entretenida, no llega a divertir tanto como su predecesora.

Tanner S (ag) wrote: Yeah, this movie sucks.

Bryan J (kr) wrote: this is one of my favorite movies it's really good like no lie

Scott C (mx) wrote: Wildly romantic drama/adventure from Mr. Howard Hawks. Cary Grant and Jean Arthur are in top form. There's no doubt Spielberg and Lucas were inspired by this picture, especially with regards to certain parts of 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom'.

Sarah S (ag) wrote: Miley should have stuck with acting

Erich S (br) wrote: Worth a watch. It brings together 4 peeps from Police Academy (which makes me want to watch those movies now)

ClaRita C (au) wrote: 30% of the time is just stalling and unnecessary scenes that could've been summed up in a 3 second scene or less. I'm pretty sure most folks would want to be certain that people such as 'Chris' don't exist, but they do; these lying, cheating, murdering men who end up being successful and glamorous aren't a minority in the cherry top of our ice cream. The movie says lots about what unemployment turns women into; desperate, pathetic, silly and hostile.