When an ancient warlord summons a mythological beast, a young hero must complete a series of quests to awaken the dragon that will defeat the monster.

Because of the appearance of the heartless monster, a young hero must find all ways to awaken the dragon which is the only way to defeat the monster. What challenges must he face? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dragonquest torrent reviews

Yohan P (ag) wrote: Personel Goal Vs Friendship

Jenifer L (fr) wrote: once again 5 stars=)

Jon T (kr) wrote: Judi Dench and nudity. But not Judi Dench nudity, fortunately. Bob Hoskins and nudity. And Bob Hoskins nudity. Unfortunately. This is actually quite good.

Jerry F (us) wrote: Good fun. I quite enjoyed this refreshing comedy. Worth a watch.

Tim M (ca) wrote: Bit of an Australian "Bronson". Good debut from Bana and Dominik. "Bana radiates the sort of warped charisma that explains how an ultraviolent convict could capture the public's imagination."

Alison M (us) wrote: It's one of those movies that's so bad that it's good.

Kristal C (ca) wrote: I love Savage Steve Holland movies...but this one doesn't come close to the genius of Better Off Dead.

Alison O (br) wrote: Best in Show: Hayley Mills One for the future: Hayley Mills (with hindsight - she was 13 here) Brainer or no-brainer: Brainer Stands up to one viewing or repeated?: Repeated DVD commentary any good?: n/a VIDEO Set in the place famous for spawning Shirley Bassey this black and white 1959 offering presents an interesting glimpse of attitudes towards immigration in the late 50s. Hayley Mills stars in her first film as Gillie, a tomboyish 12-year old scamp who witnesses the murder of her Polish neighbour at the hands of her sailor boyfriend, a fellow Pole. Hayley's dad John heads up the investigation into the shooting, Gillie being the only witness to the incident. She strikes up an unlikely friendship with the sailor, whose ill-doing is apparently put down to a fleeting fit of murderous rage and from them on does all she can to spare her friend from the clutches of the police. You can see why Disney signed up Hayley Mills after a performance like this; she shows maturity and an acting ability far beyond her years. Some fascinating period detail adds to the worth of this intriguing period piece.

Rohit R (es) wrote: Emiliano Zapata is a delegate of an aggravated union that is rebelling against a long time corrupt president who dismisses their claims as trivial. While most of the union members choose to be patient with the issue, Zapata who says " We sow our seeds with tortillas not patience" remains unyielding. They go to war, they overthrow two presidents, a general and it finally the throne comes to Zapata. Zapata is faced with the same problem when his brother Eufemio Zapata starts doing what he wants with no respect for the law, he takes the land that belongs to the farmers and abuses their wives. Zapata tells these men that there is no such thing as a leading man and that "You have to find it in yourselves." He resigns from his presidency post and leads another mutiny for the farmers. He's been bribed with property, money and gratitude from big men but nothing means more to him than to be at the vanguard of an army of peasants. This thing in particular seems to have been inspired by the main character of The Hurt Locker. Although it fails to be as great as Elia Kazan's best works, it definitely can be considered a good film. There're some very memorable scenes and both Anthony Quinn and Marlon Brando are excellent in their respective roles. Brando created 3 consummately different characters in 4 years, Zapata, Terry Malloy(On The Waterfront) and Stanley Kowalski. Another film, released in these golden years of Kazan's career, I happened to miss was Julius Caesar, another role that received recognition from the Academy. On that, you'll see in my next review. But, to conclude, if acting happens to be an important aspect of a film to you, you should watch Brando deliver some really fierce acting chops in Viva Zapata.

Scott J (ag) wrote: the perfect journey the highs and lows of a trip a romance a friendship powerful as it is beautifully shot

Aaron M (ca) wrote: A decent adaptation of the Snow White story with some decent action and visual style. Whilst its not the best film in the world and far from epic, its still an entertaining movie which captures the wonder of the backdrop.