Dragons Forever

Dragons Forever

Jackie Chan stars as a hot-shot lawyer hired by a Hong Kong chemical plant to dispose of opposition to their polluting ways. But when he falls for a beautiful woman out to stop the plant, Jackie is torn in a conflict of interest and asks his trusty friends Samo and Biao to help out at least until they discover the true purpose of the plant.

he lawyer and his friends uncover illegal dealings right at the Hong Kong chemical plant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Randy P (de) wrote: Toooooo self involved.

AD O (kr) wrote: fornicating man-bats! love the dreamers. felt a bit exploity given the subjects' limitations, but in an endearing way. hope their dreams come true. ps. love the moon!

Alex P (ag) wrote: What if a pill could activate more of the marbles in your head? Is there anyone over 16 who doesn't understand the concept of Ying and yang? Anything earned from other than hard work has a cost must higher than readily perceived. It is exciting and dramatic with an unusual ending, just remember tht is not how it happens in real life.

Martin S (it) wrote: An interesting and well made addition the the Chronicles of Riddick franchise. We get a better glimpse of the Merc way of life and learn more about how bad Riddick can be.

Dan S (gb) wrote: Paddy Considine is genuinely unsettling to watch in this film, amazing peformance. Uneasy drama with an interesting story, definately one of Shane Meadows strongest films.

S L (br) wrote: 10 may 2003perhaps would give more stars if I remembered it better

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