Dragons Of Camelot

Dragons Of Camelot

The Kingdom of Camelot is plunged into darkness after the death of noble King Arthur, as the reign of his cruel sorceress sister, Morgan Le Fay, begins. Commanding three deadly dragons with her dark magic, she hunts the remaining Knights of the Round Table to the ends of the Earth.

The movie is about Galahad - the knight os Camelot. After the death of noble King Arthur, the Kingdom of Camelot is drown into darkness under the reign of cruel witch named Morgan. With three deadly dragons and her dark magic, she hunts all the remaining Knights of kingdom. Galahad realises that they only win that witch when they can find out his father. He and his friends start on journey to find his father and come back to defeat Morgan. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Motis Z (fr) wrote: Watched at the Wisconsin Film Festival 2014. A funky creative movie.

Caesar M (kr) wrote: So imagine you're me and you get a call to an early screening of an upcoming movie you never heard about. Now imagine you say yes and realizing you, along with your girlfriend you brought, and seven other people are the only one at the screening. Now you think an early screening of a movie would be good, except the movie I watched was poorly made. The Girl from the Naked Eye is about Jake, a driver for a seedy escort service, who is a street thug type who falls for a witty 16 year old named Sandy. One night Sandy is found murdered, and Jake will do whatever it take to avenge Sandy. The story is incredibly sexist to women, only one woman in the whole movie doesn't care about sex. It sends the idea that women are basically just sex objects and prostitutes, which is why my girlfriend got mad at me for taking her to this screening. What I found most offensive is this line from the actual which goes something like, "The only thing more useless than a whore is a dead whore" which make us guys look very bad in this movie. Everything you could ever find wrong about a guy will be found with every single male character in this movie. Now I know the movie hasn't officially come out yet, when I reviewed this movie that is, but there so many problem with his movie that'll lead it to failure. It has some of the most boring and lamest action scenes ever filmed in a movie. You'll be pretty unambitious to sit through this mess of movie with uninteresting characters and a weak story if that not all, we also have weak action sequences. One thing you should be aware of is that the music they play during these action scenes are hilarious makes it look more like a violent comedy and looses all seriousness it had, or attempted to have to be more accurate. You have no idea what the movie is trying to be as tries to blend drama, humor, and romance and does none of them right. The actors, are well pretty terrible. You know you have a pretty bad cast if you also come to the hate the good guys in this movie. So clearly I hated this movie, but only one thing helped me get through this mess is Jake. Our hero Jake actually respect Sandy, but that's the only reason why it doesn't get a zero. Other than that Jake is a very unlikable hero and dumb one at that too. In a scene where he goes to a motel and beats up like six in the lamest way possible, he takes out a gun he had the whole time and finally decide to use the gun. It's a dumb, abysmal, poorly made movie. Note: I still haven't gotten an answer from the studio on why I got an early screening. I'm not sure why out of all people I got chosen, I wonder if this means I'm legit as a critic.

Kyle A (jp) wrote: It's nice to see that Danny Glover hasn't disappeared off the map, but even so, Gospel Hill looses its potential because of its 99 minute running time. The movie end abruptly. Still, the relationships that are there are good. I'd love to see more of them and that is my main complaint with the film.

Alexander C (kr) wrote: Will have to watch this one. Not necassarily good or bad. Will see. Want to watch!

Lily Lung G (es) wrote: i love this movie!!! it's hilarious and quite meaningful actually. Gibson Frazier is more than brilliant - he really looked like a fish out of water and so genuine in his expressions. my fav moment was when he said "what a day!" haha. if you love the 20s or if you watched lots of old movies, this is for you!

Sharon A (nl) wrote: Good movie, I had not seen it for a while. Likeable story

Wes S (fr) wrote: Star Trek 4 takes a fun idea and runs it along fairly well, even if it is quite confusing at times. There are plenty of fun moments, tho not as much action as the previous films. Good characters, good effects, and a decent follow-up.

Dawn L (de) wrote: Goldie Hawn...What can I say???...She's Amazing!!!

Ashley H (fr) wrote: Autumn Leaves is an excellent film. It is about a Millicent Wetherby who is a middle-aged woman whose life is devoid of love and affection. Joan Crawford, Vera Miles, and Cliff Robertson give amazing performances. The script is well written. Robert Aldrich did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the drama. Autumn Leaves is a must see.

Jamie C (gb) wrote: Some funny bits but overall pretty average, It's the American version of Johnny English.