The Devil's Cauldron, a city where depravity and violence has forged a society in which only the lethal and callous can survive, two young men who possess the intellect and ferocity to flourish, carve a name for themselves as the most efficient and unstoppable hit men. Side by side, these two brothers are the deadliest killers, feared by even the most evil criminals. But when a woman of rare beauty mysteriously enters the brother's lives she blinds them with her sweet promises and turns them against each other, resulting in an epic battle that threatens to bring the Devil's Cauldron to the brink of destruction.

The film takes place on a film set in Devil's Cauldron where has many criminals. One day, two young brothers become the deadliest murderers are well-known everywhere. Suddenly, the appearance of a beautiful woman in their life makes everything become chaos. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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SteL P (ru) wrote: Inspirationnal story which lacks in the movie

Peter F (de) wrote: To call We Need to Talk About Kevin disturbing would be something of an understatement. Nary a moment goes by in the film's two hour running time that doesn't carry an unsettling aura of despair, but it speaks to the craft of Lynne Ramsay's direction and her dedicated cast. Told in a non-linear format, the film sublimely unravels the doomed fates of it's characters, and it results in what is arguably the first truly effective film about a Columbine-esque scenario. It's fortunate that not every movie is as brutal as this one, but We Need to Talk About Kevin earns its right to tackle such content.

Dennis D (nl) wrote: I was already settled down to buy the 3d movie, but then I read that it has 32 uses of the F word. My wife and i get so distracted by excessive language. We can handle four uses, which is what a pg-13 is. So sad.

K P (ag) wrote: Great movie. Get the full sense of emotions in this movie.

Mitch B (us) wrote: Excellent movie, Sally Field is great and this is a perfect example of how family really is

Cathy R (it) wrote: Sarah Polley's description of her political torture broke my heart, almost too hard to watch.

Dot L (it) wrote: Although Pride has a predictable plot, this true story is inspiring. The film is also supported by a fantastic soundtrack.

Steven B (fr) wrote: I couldn't help but think of Beverly Hills Ninja and Wet Hot American Summer. Completely absurd, this movie definitely has it's moments, but I think I was still expecting more. As long as you don't take it seriously, it's enjoyable. The opening musical number was pretty amazing, though.

Eren Ege A (kr) wrote: Genet's play about otherness from the marksist point of view

Thomas B (us) wrote: I thought it was a good movie for its time.

Julie C (ag) wrote: Cheesy, yes. But oh so cute!! :D I love this movie.

Jon F (br) wrote: This movie needs to be on TV more often. One of my all-time favorites.

Edward P (de) wrote: I can always appreciate a classic movie. I haven't seen this movie in yrs.

Bubba M (mx) wrote: A good apatation of Caldwell's novel without the steamy parts.

Howard O (es) wrote: One of my favorite horror movies of all time. John Carpenter does a superb job keeping you on the edge of your seat from the first to the final frame.

kirby d (kr) wrote: This is a great movie!

Roderick M (jp) wrote: Great when your twelve and wanting to see boobs but terrible when you're forty one and have surfed the Internet