Drango: A Bullet for You

Drango: A Bullet for You

Sent to Montana to hunt down bank robbers, a bounty hunter takes the star off a replacement sheriff who didn't reach his destination and steps into a range war between farmers and cattlemen.

(1966) Anthony Steffen, Gloria Osuna, Frank Wolf, Jose Lluch. Django wants to settle down and start a new life, perhaps even become sheriff. This video has been manufactured from the best ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack B (br) wrote: Hilarious action movie about a trio of rednecks fighting off prostitute-assassins, land-pirates and Cherokee killers. Definitely recommended.

Heinrich B (mx) wrote: An amazingly emotional movie, I really liked it! Once again, I really liked Smith how he acts the desperate main person. The story was heartbreaking and let me thinking what I would actually do when I would have been Tim....

Marc L (es) wrote: Quand un realisateur hongkongais se lache, ca donne "A chinese tall story", vaste foutoir sous acide qui melange un fond de vieilles legendes chinoises (le Roi-Singe et son baton magique, les chevaliers celestes, tout ca) avec un trip SF plein de guerriers galactiques et de paradoxes temporels incomprehensibles. Le film se veut egalement humoristique, burlesque et parodique mais si certaines pitreries pretent effectivement a sourire, on ne peut pas dire que l'humour chinois grimacant soit instinctivement perceptible par la spectateur occidental. Dommage car, a vouloir en faire trop dans le portanawak total, "A chinese tall story" perd de sa consistance et finit par lasser et ce, en depit d'une mise en scene au dynamisme irreprochable.

Alfredo S (ru) wrote: Disney starts its comeback with a movie full of heart and tear-jerking moments.

Luis O (kr) wrote: Julia Lambert: I've decided to retire and let myself go. I'll have potatoes for lunch and potatoes for dinner and beer. God, I love beer! And treacle pudding and cherry tart and cream, cream, cream, cream, cream, cream... as god is my judge, I'll never eat a lettuce leaf again.


Bryan L (de) wrote: The plot is paper-thin, but the parody is pitch-perfect in this raucous '70s-meets-'90s spoof. I'm really glad I watched it.

Laura M (us) wrote: Very interested to see what this movie will be like. Loved the original one with Brandon Lee.

RiP M (ca) wrote: Is it arty? Or just fartsy? I didn't get it and vote for the latter. Insufferable.

Mr P (ca) wrote: Hard to say how I feel about this film since it's been years since I've seen it. Used to love this movie though. It was kind of like a poor man's Gremlins. But I recall it being full of creepy little monsters who did funny things. Maybe one day I'll see it again.

Brandon C (ag) wrote: A love story between a female Cocker Spaniel and a male scruffy stray dog! Lady and the Tramp is a wonderful film with great characters and beautiful animation.

Mike W (gb) wrote: This is one of the funniest hockey movies I've ever seen in my life!

Kevin B (au) wrote: Not too bad of a movie, kinda liked the storey. Not for every one thats for sure, but I do have to say it is a nice film.