Dream Doll

Dream Doll

A lonely man living in a large city buys a life-size sex doll. His relationship with his dream doll causes a certain reaction in the community. A bizarre adaption of Le Ballon Rouge.

A lonely old man finds his true love, a blowup doll, in a sex shop, only to lose her. But for lovers, there are sometimes happy endings. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stefano R (mx) wrote: un film raccontato in punta di piedi che fa il paio con Amlie, ma senza raggiungerlo... peccato, perch avrebbe potuto

Tracy C (fr) wrote: I just love Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. And this movie is another good edition to the franchise.

Thomas Z (au) wrote: Emotionally distant but deeply fascinating, featuring an utterly brilliant performance from Peter Zizzo.

Daniel C (au) wrote: Slow to start and doesn't get much better. I still think beta house is the best of the series.

Yie Sun V (it) wrote: one of the best movies i watched. its not a comedy but it would make you laugh. not too much of a drama but this movie will surely make you cry.

Sergiu C (ag) wrote: Realistically dreamy

Michael H (it) wrote: Godard has proven time and again that his films can be tough nuts to crack, and despite my often over zealous love for his films, this is one of those nuts that hasn't cracked for me. The first half of the film, for me, is either over my head or imcomprehensible. I hope there's something to it, but unfortunately I'm leaning towards the conclusion that it's ulimately like the blank book that the main character is reading throughout...blank, and empty. As for the second half, it seemed to be nothing except how much Steven Spielberg sucks. The Spielberg section is provoking, yes, but ultimately stupid because Godard has no idea what the hell he's talking about. Spielberg commisioned no money for Schindler's List, and has done more than anyone else in preserving the memories of Holocaust survivors. And Godard might not like American history, but to say that it has none because of its name is pseudo-intellectual bullshit, and I expect more from him. So, my rating is pending. If I figure out what it means, I might raise it. However, if I "get" it and it resembles what I have already figured out, than the grade will lower.

Neil G (kr) wrote: Just like every mush film certainly not original but again puts a warm glow in you to set you off to bed lol

Alex H (jp) wrote: One of the heavy hitters of the mid-80s giant studio animes, Arion is supremely, bafflingly, shockingly silly, in a way totally distinct to its time and place. Ain't been this befuddled by an anime since I watched Do You Remember Love? The silliest era of anime also produced some of the true greats, though, like The Wings of Honneamise, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Grave of the Fireflies, and Night on the Galactic Railroad. Watch one of those instead

Marina G (es) wrote: Here is the deal: If you can handle the last 13 minutes of this film, you will realize that you're seeing one of the best performances of an actor's life. There were very few peers to Eric Roberts in the 80's who could even hold a candle to his talent and this film proves that, but you have to make it all the way through this film...and that's hard to do. This is Bob Fosse's last film and by god it is one of his best...right up there with All That Jazz. There is nothing left bare here especially not the venal instincts of every single man that loved Dorothy Stratten. Mariel Hemingway gets very little credit for her excellent performance in this film, but I'll give it to her. I actually love this biopic because it is not an exploitation of women as most claim it to be, it is actually a condemnation of men and their baser desires...such as possession and control of women. Okay, I'm getting deepish now. I'll stop.

Arundhati S (de) wrote: really liked the plot and what music! awesome!

Kara H (fr) wrote: Documentary put together well and it's interesting to say the least... But I'm not a big fan of the art work and I'm surprised it's even this popular. I have no problem with guys that like My Little Pony. I'm fascinated by HOW much anyone likes them so much.