Dream Waltz

Dream Waltz

In order to leave her past and family values behind, woman has relationships with many men and, among many doubts, tries to find out her own identity and happiness.

In order to leave her past and family values behind, woman has relationships with many men and, among many doubts, tries to find out her own identity and happiness. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos R (jp) wrote: Esto es lo que deseo ver en la pelicula de la liga de la justicia

Lisa C (ru) wrote: Touted as the Korean take on "Oceans 11", The Thieves is overall an exciting caper which then turns into another caper film nearly half way through. The characters' relationships and pasts become a bit muddled and maybe too over complicated. Less is more when there's a lot going on already in a film such as this. But do not despair...the opening sequence is highly entertaining and harrowing fun as a daring heist is executed with comic zest. Once the second sub plot kicks and we enter the third act, that's when we are treated to a "run lola run" type, frantic action getaway sequence...martial arts,repelling down buildings, tumbling down building fire escapes,cops, robbers and double Crosses! Though some editing and tweaking of story could've elevated this to something truly great...the film is nevertheless, a wonderful mold of fun, tension, humor and action.

Dimity P (au) wrote: Nothing to write home about...ok, kinda.

Jarryd R (ru) wrote: wanna see it i cant wAIT LOL !!!

Marielle L (kr) wrote: It has it's moments,but it's not scary or imaginative enough where it needs to be,nor is it realistic enough where it needs to be. Half a star just because he looks the part of a killer,and that's it. Don't spend money on this,it's a waste.

Tico P (mx) wrote: A weird film from 1971 directed by British director Peter Watkins. Plot: It's the Nixon era and the American justice system has gone absurdly wrong. Hippies, criminals and possible future suspects are detained, and given the choice to either serve time in a federal prison, or fight for freedom for 3 days in the Punishment Park. What could anybody choose, as if the prisoners have any other choice? Punishment Park is a wasteland in the Californian desert, where prisoners are set loose without any food or water. The main goal is to reach a post (an American Flag) miles away to gain freedom. Of course, on the run the prisoners encounter several obstacles and are hunted down by law enforcers, turning the whole quest into a game of survival of the fittest. Filmed in cinema verite style with a European film crew, makes this film read as a social critical comment of the dark side of America of the early 70's counter culture. Part mockumentary part fiction. The dialogue was entirely improvised by the actors as well. Production values are low, but doesn't harm the film giving it a sense of realism instead. Punishment Park was not well received, and in my opinion was due to the films nature: Cultural criticism of the United States of America, and its justice system, told by a European director/ writer. During the Vietnam war ,with "Tricky Dicky" in the White-house, most so called criminals were simply students concerned with civil rights, trying to deliver an anti war statement. Maybe the social criticism was a bit too much, or even worse "Anti American" for a nation in a time of crisis ? A pretty bleak film that is very realistically portrayed. Considering how the media and reality television has changed the times turning almost everybody/anybody into a spectator, I wouldn't find this improbable in the next few decades or so. I think I read somewhere that the film was in fact inspired on an experiment conducted on real prisoners. I wouldn't be surprised if true, but won't go into depth here without proper research first. God Damn! I'm getting too serious now! I'm getting depressed over here! Get a couple of six packs, kick back and enjoy ... if you can track it down. This is a fun film to watch.

Anthony M (mx) wrote: While don't like children power movie this one is okay mckulleu kulle is a great kid actor and the traps are creative but the criminals act more like clowns which gets annoying it's a okay movie