Dream Work

Dream Work


Experimental shot film by Peter Tscherkassky utilizing found footage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Isobel P (ag) wrote: An unexpected twist in this film makes up for a slow start..

Andrew T (ru) wrote: The follow is the English translation of a hilarious review about the world first 3D erotica movie by a 18-year-old Hong Kong film goer who had seen 3D Sex and Zen:How come there are more blood than sweat or cum juice in a movie (that highly promoted) as an erotica? There are more groaning then the erotic moaning. How come I saw a lot of 3D flying bullets, daggers, stones, blood and human organs that are completely have no connection to sex? Fuck! I would rather saw some 3D cum juice. I would rather saw Hayama Go ejaculates on my face than flying bullets and daggers! If I want to see flying bullets, I should see (the Chinese movie) "Let the Bullets Fly", right?Why a (so-call) 3D erotica movie is so bloody violence and hard-core? I see everything like human head explosion, cutting human body in two halves, broken arms and legs. Fuck the hell scared (the shit out of me) with no erection! I want to see sex scenes not scenes of slaughtering, dickehead! Why a (so-call) a 3D erotica movie with extreme ecstasy has the scenes of cutting and broken penises and etc: The scenes of showing man in extreme pain? Dickhead (director), how can I have my erection? Why you need so many hard-core violence scenes?Blood and violence actually are not the most important. What is the key element of an erotica movie? Of course, those (sexy) actresses! The big names of Yukiko Suo, Saori Hara (both Japanese pornstars) and the Hong Kong owned Vonnie Lui alreadly aroused (most) Hong Kong men. But look at how you (the director) messed up with them! Fuck! The voice of Saori Hara is a dubbed voice (voiced by Vienna Lin) and the dubbed voice sound like a bitch! We Hong Kong guys never understand the dialogue in Japanese porns. I prefer the original Japanese accent than the dubbed voice.Fuck! Yukiko Suo is violently beaten up, with broken skin and bleeds heavily in the movie. It that over the top sadistic? You think every audience enjoy this kind of hard-core violence? Yukiko Suo is "fuck to death" in the movie! Yes, she is fuck to death! If you know someone has a erection by watching this kind of graphic violence, that chap must be insanely dangerous and should fucking stay away!At one of the most important scene which Hayama Go have group sex with more than ten female extras. Those naked females extras are as ugly as pigs! How can I have erection in such a scene? I really wanted to tell those extras to fuck off!Fine! Forget about Saori Hara, Yukiko Suo and those female extras, what is the main reason we want to see this movie? Such a silly dickhead (director)! We wanted to see our own sexy goddess Vonnie Lui! The sexy goddess we are proud of! I already done a research and I know Vonnie is going to play a half man half woman hybrid. But why (the director) designed a penis on her sexy body and a scene showing her swinging her (fake) penis and then use "her" penis to spin a wheel? The other scene shows she use "her" penis to bash someone? (It gone more disastrous that) Vonnie's voice was dubbed by an old man. Why the movie design Vonnie use an old man voice to seduce men and then address herself "an old man" in the movie? Fuck! What the fuck do you (director) want?Okay, forget about those (funny) dubbing! I want to see our goddess go naked! How come her topless scene only last for 2 seconds (some suggest her nipples looking like fake CGs). After 2 seconds, our goddess (sexy) body fully exploded! Other gossips criticized Vonnie Lui is ugly or (may) have fake boobs, I don't care! I am always faithful to my sexy goddess. When I was 17-years-old, I heard about this movie was in production. I feel so luck when the R18 movie showed in cinemas, I just passed my 18th birthday. After a year of expectation, I only watch my sexy goddess go naked in 2 seconds then exploded! Do you know I've been fucking traumatized by such a scene? Everytime when I see the image of Vonnie Lui, it going to recall an old man's voice, and then her body exploded! The image of my sexy goddeness is fucking gone now, dickhead (director)! My friends who watched the movie with me said I already gone nuts!But I am very clam and sober! You guys don't understand my feeling because I fantasied Vonnie Lui (before watching the movie). I am fucking angry (and disappointed) after watching "3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy"!

Kathryn O (es) wrote: Who takes a ouija board and music box with them on a tour of an abandoned mine?

Dean M (us) wrote: Really good British comedy which this plays like a female version of Weird Science by creating the perfect man in a virtual-reality booth.

Erwin M (kr) wrote: Very well executed parody film. However, it feels a bit dated by now, but it will still make you laugh a couple of times.

Lee M (ru) wrote: An unappealing episodic black comedy that gets stuck in its own silliness.

amanda g (fr) wrote: who doesn't love movies about mental patients? :P anyway, this movie is wonderful, though obviously dated.

Andrew I (ru) wrote: I thought this strange that the Germans were played by English actors, and they didn't even attempt a slight Herr Flick accent, but once you come to terms with that peculiarity, the rest of the film is pretty entertaining. Laurence Olivier makes a decent attempt at playing a French Canadian, funny/irritating though his character is. There's plenty of Canadian scenery, complete with esquimaux and indians. The propaganda is laid on with a trowel towards the end, but it's never boring for a moment and is often quite exciting. 7.5/10

007 W (ru) wrote: Pretty good movie, especially when I was a kid I love this movie speaking of which this is also as good as monsters University

Robert B (au) wrote: The Perfect Sense feels like it should have been a good movie but winds up not more than mediocre. The lead actress is a terrible fit for the role, her acting felt fake in a few key scenes and in others she seemed more a spoiled princess than an epidemiologist working hard on a cure to save the world. Besides that, the film was alright. The premise was interesting, the shooting was fine, and Ewan MacGregor's performance was believable. I must say, though, if you are going to make a movie about the end of the world and you want it to work, the audience has to have a good amount of sympathy for the characters.