Exploring the somewhat darker and more mysterious side of the Lewis Carroll's classic book, the movie follows Alice Liddell (the book's inspiration) as an old woman who is haunted by the characters she was once so amused by. As she thinks back on it, she starts to see her relationship with the shy author/professor in a new way and realizes the vast change between the young Alice and the old.

Exploring the somewhat darker and more mysterious side of the Lewis Carroll's classic book, the movie follows Alice Liddell (the book's inspiration) as an old woman who is haunted by the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dreamchild torrent reviews

Tom L (us) wrote: What exactly was the point of this movie?

Deven T (us) wrote: Yes, this is a musical about overcoming dyslexia, but it's also about nurturing creativity and the pressure that the culture of success has put on childrenTaare Zameen Par is such a beautiful story about a young Indian boy struggling in Mumbai to fit into society. It's not just about dislexia. It's how parents and teachers should properly treat their children and to not judge them by their covers. Darsheel truly shines as Ishaan. He's just adorable and innocent. The whole story evolves around him so he carries the whole film on his shoulders essentially.

Wyland C (ca) wrote: A great Scooby-Doo movie. The concept was great and of course it was hilarious.

Jeff S (it) wrote: A low budget film with some serious spunk, Special manages to be quite humorous and wildly entertaining while simultaneously managing an incredibly stupid and retarded persona. It was a fun watch, but it was also so dumb! Seriously, I'm madly conflicted on this one. The artsy backdrop really didn't help matters either, but I still think it falls into the so bad it's good category. I give it a pass.

Helena M (us) wrote: A very good Australian movie about transient part of society.

Kelly K (br) wrote: You actually SEE that it's an old movie but the story was quite interesting and the acting was convincing by every single person. Still the action is being held back too much. The director didn't hold on to the fact that Basil is extremely obsessed with that women and sadly misses out on opportunities to make us feel this distraced and helpless like Basil.

Cynthia I (br) wrote: This movie has rested in my heart. I only saw a portion but can't stop thinking about it.

Joe A (gb) wrote: Released Christmas day 1974, Abby was A.I.P.'s blaxploitation answer to The Exorcist, so much so, that Warner Brothers sued and got the film pulled from release. But, not before it made a ton of cash on it's low budget investment. Abby tells the story of a holy man (the great William 'Blacula' Marshall) who, while investigating an archeological dig in Nigeria, pertaining to their ancient Yoruba religion, accidentally releases the evil entity Eshu. The vile spirit shows it's gratitude by possessing his daughter-in-law Abby (Carol Speed). As the spirit takes hold and Abby becomes more and more vile in her behavior, Dr.Williams (Marshall) returns home to do battle with the demonic entity. Abby is played very straight despite delivering some unintentional laughs. It's low budget so it's FX are limited to blowing wind, bizarre sounds and throwing furniture around while Abby speaks in an almost comical dubbed man voice complete with echo. Exploitation filmmaker William Girdler writes and directs and, despite trying to play it straight, most of possessed Abby's vulgar talk and behavior just elicits laughs not chills. I do give credit to Carol Speed for just going with it and giving it her all despite how silly some of this comes off. And, of course, William Marshall who, once again brings a power and nobility to his role and maintains it despite how ridiculous things get. Still, you gotta like a movie that stages an African themed exorcism in a bar. And in Abby's defense there is some nice 70s nostalgia and unintentional laughs are a form of entertainment so, Abby is by no means a boring movie, it's just not very scary or chilling. With a few beers it can be a hoot to watch and that's just fine. Also stars Austin Stoker(Assault On Precinct 13) as Abby's police officer brother.EXTRA TRIVIA: Again actor William Marshall was involved in adding African culture to a film as he did with Blacula. It was he who added the use of the Yoruba religion in the film, though he apparently was still unhappy about the film's final script. I don't blame him. Not sure how some of this stuff didn't appear silly from the get go. Rating based purely on a camp/nostalgia level.

Calum B (fr) wrote: "Lover Come Back" is another highly amusing Doris Day / Rock Hudson comedy that's just a shade below their earlier teaming, "Pillow Talk". Day is a chaste advertising agency representative; Hudson plays her rival who uses girls and liquor to get clients. Tony Randall gives them solid support as the wimpish inheritor of Hudson's agency.As in all movies that used the talents of writer Stanley Shapiro ("Operation Petticoat", "That Touch of Mink"), the dialogue is often delightfully witty. One of the funniest scenes ensues when Randall tests his 'moose horn' with hilarious consequences (although the effect is somewhat marred by an unconvincing, obviously immobile moose). Cute opening credits, too.

Deadly V (nl) wrote: Atmospheric but shakily plotted Noir!

Paul D (ru) wrote: Excellent story of redemption through being given a second chance on earth, although this is not the said mission for the gangster who's persona is acceptably overplayed by Paul Muni. Anne Baxter provides a fine romantic foil.

Mateo S (jp) wrote: Truly disappointing. Frank Langella is a great actor, but I don't buy him as Richard Nixon for a second; same for Michael Sheen who is too slight in the role. Speaking of slight....so is the script. Like Rep. Paul Ryan...this is a dumb person's version of what something smart looks like.

John B (br) wrote: An interesting build up and retracing of the steps leading up to the tragedy. This film however suffers from dull hanging in periods of tepid dialogue and useless plot development. Partially saved by solid acting, it nonetheless is not particularly memorable.

Giovanna C (kr) wrote: I found this movie very odd. didn't hate it but didn't think it was funny either

Paul D (us) wrote: I really enjoyed this for what it was. I am a Maritimer myself, so a lot of the scenery made me home sick. Still, this is probably the most competent Taylor Kitsch has been on screen yet. Certainly not for everyone, but it is a nice smaller scale movie. Not the worst thing to come from Canada.

Ayse E (nl) wrote: Very good Scottish movie.