Dreaming of Paradise

Dreaming of Paradise

Strit and her friends live in the future where the Earth has become so polluted that they must live underground. As legend has it, a creature that “Walks on Air” will guide them to a place where there are blue skies and green meadows.Set in a world so ravaged by pollution that the humans have been forced underground, this distinguished animated cautionary tale warns of the consequences of our current disregard for the environment as it tells the story of a young girl and her friends who set off on an exciting quest for the pristine, natural paradise of their dreams.

In the future, pollution has driven humans deep under ground, where they tell legends of the paradise above. Two kids must find the path to the surface, while avoiding the humanoid, militaristic rats seeking to steal their dreams. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yoann R (it) wrote: Moyen, juste drle !!!

Everett G (mx) wrote: This movie is for people that really get the genre. If you love comedy horror and metal music this is about as good as it gets. Has a good selection of music and the old school Dio fan bartender was perfect. I measure comedy horror by Dead and Breakfast and this one doesn't disappoint. Highly recommended for a Friday night of beers and bong hits.

Zachary Y (es) wrote: Generic unfunny monster movie comedy.

Cecily B (br) wrote: Watched this movie with the kids I watch, and it wasn't that bad. I don't think I ever would have chosen it on my own but it was okay for a kids movie.

Simon M (fr) wrote: A long wretched fart of a movie about an annoying two-timing monodimensional clone and her terrifyingly obnoxious mother. I read somewhere that Kurt Cobain time travelled into the future, saw this movie and then decided to shoot himself. I however, it's still Sam Peckinpah's best movie.

karar M (ca) wrote: try to get the pieces back,nice movie

Desmond H (mx) wrote: Out of the majority of Troma films, Combat Shock is an example of a well - put together story, it showcases the harsh effects of war-related PTSD, and the challenges soldiers have adapting to life after a war.

Martin T (jp) wrote: Fellini's tribute to opera (among other things) doesn't have that spark of brilliance to put it alongside masterpieces like Juliet of the Spirits, 8 1/2 or Nights of Cabiria. But it does have a variety of fun characters, some unusual ideas, and a handful of really magnificent scenes... the boiler room performance, the musical glasses, the Serbian dance, the seagull in the dining room, the rhinoceros. And there's nothing terribly flawed about the film, except that the fake vintage footage doesn't quite work. There's more to old cinema than sepia tones and scratches, and Fellini uses camera techniques and depth of field that would not have been utilized much (if at all) in 1914. But artifice is part of the package, notably in some of the blatantly artificial sets and the movie's finale, most likely meant to parallel the kind of artifice one would see in an opera.

Timothy J (au) wrote: What is it about the 1970's that even good movies sucked just a little. Complete with the sexism and racism that was the norm at the time.

Lisa Jo W (gb) wrote: Not my favorite Hitchcock. Very!!! 60's. Do love the line about "junk mail" - and at 50 years ago - still applicable today.

Ahmed M (es) wrote: Night At The Museum, is a good family movie, it isn't that great, but based on what it had to offer, it does deliver.

Mihai M (au) wrote: Almost non-stop ferocious action. What more can you ask for?

Jake M (kr) wrote: As a Rocky fanboy, this is my personal favorite. There's no doubt that the first film is the strongest, but Rocky 3 is the most entertaining! Mr T as Clubber Lang was just perfect casting. He's so over the top and scary. They couldn't have picked someone better. With the 80s Rock, Hulk Hogan, and kickass fights, this has everything we love about Rocky!