A collection of magical tales based upon the actual dreams of director Akira Kurosawa.

A collection of tales based upon the actual dreams of director Akira Kurosawa. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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solidity q (it) wrote: Horror comedy at its best!

Arijit M (nl) wrote: Fantastic acting by Farhan Akhtar. But the movie was too lengthy to hold interest till the end. But a good movie if not great.

Noah S (de) wrote: Very interesting movie and a good escape from the typical romantic comedy formula.

John W (nl) wrote: Overall pretty good movie. The acting was good, the locations had the right amount of creepy, and the plot was interesting - the setup was a little heavy handed, but there were a couple of nice twists and it actually held together well. More scary thriller than scary horror, but worth watching.

William R (nl) wrote: After B5: The Legend Of The Rangers, I had a rare doubt concerning Straczynski's ability to further his masterful vision. Thank God, he obliterated that seed of doubt with the first installment of The Lost Tales. Your batting average is secure, J.M. This work is absolutely gorgeous, both in it's imagery and it's story, which does nothing but continue to add positively to the already expansive and well-established B5 universe. The actors may have lost some years but none of their fire. Likewise, the three newcomers are stellar in their roles. I was also very impressed by the depth and emotion of the religious aspects of the first half-story, considering J.M.'s well known atheism. I guess it doesn't take a fundamentalist to write a good religious story. If they are anywhere near as good as this one, then I am very anxious for the other installments to be released.

Jiaming H (de) wrote: Why shoot an entire scene for a movie and then edit and show it in fast forward?what a complete mess.dreadful acting, dialogue, editing....

Andrew K (de) wrote: And I thought Shymalan's other movies were bad........they are but this is just, wow.

kawaii m (kr) wrote: this is my absolut number-one movie i love it so fantastic

Jaime R (jp) wrote: Somehow, this film manages to work as both a comedy, and a loving tribute to Stanley Kubrick.

Melanie C (de) wrote: Not a bad film funny in places, worth a watch

Colleen K (ru) wrote: ...Martha Henry Is absolutely brilliant in this movie...Cooking, cleaning, listening to her boring husbands prater with rapt attention...Her characters break down is painful to watch when she learns the truth about her husbands not-so-perfect behaviour...Dark but worth seeing.

Ian F (it) wrote: This is one big WTF! Interesting but utterly strange this is one big mind-fuck. Just strange... I'm kind of at a loss for words. That one song was good however... but yeah- mind-fuck!

Kevin J (au) wrote: It is amazing this film was made in 1967 because it is still as relevant as it was then as it is today. A film dealing with a black cop visiting down in Mississippi who gets caught up in a murder investigation, In the Heat of the Night reveals the depths of racism in the south at the time in fantastic fashion. Director Norman Jewison handles the sensitive material brilliantly and this one really moves along quite well. The writing here is also really good and the story being told is riveting throughout. As for the acting, Sydney Poitier is fantastic as the black detective, while Rod Steiger provides a great performance that leaves you wondering whether you should be rooting for him or against him. An extremely relevant and important film, In the Heat of the Night is a very interesting whodunnit type film that also serves a great example of the social issues still prevalent in this country.

monsieur r (au) wrote: This review will be written and updated as I see it. So far, the chance meeting of our two lead actors is purely by chance. Deduct 20 per cent. That said, after one half hour this film is arguably a good one. Rock seems to have a concious after all, upon learning that his life was saved while an admired doctor was lost. That is not credible from his juvenile behavior beforehand. Now, for the next half hour..... Ok, I am back..... Rock Hudson crashes into a road warning sign and meets the homeowner. About having someone to pick him up he says, "Be sure to have them wear their seat belts." This is a curious piece of dialog as seat belts weren't around in 1954. But somebody must have known about them as Rock said it matter-of-factly. By the way, Rock plays a wonderful and believable drunk in this scene. Ok, gotta stop this film. And now, back to the movies....... Well, its not a half hour, but I couldn't wait. The night stay at the old artist's home talked some sense into Rock. He isn't the crazy spoilt millionaire anymore. He's found love. With whom? Why with Jane Wyman. Now a widow due to Rock needing equipment that her doctor husband needed to live. This is coincidental and ironic to say the least that he should be infatuated with Wyman, a woman that appears 10 years older. The scene where the artist talks to Rock about love is pretty lame. The elderly artist warns Rock to be wary of love. He says to Rock, the last guy who fooled with love died on a cross at 33. God sakes, I almost fell out of my chair with that one. Well, gotta go. And now, back to the film....... Well, that does it. Jane just got hit by a car and is now blind. I give up. The film spun into nowhere land for me. Sorry to all admirers of this film. it just didn't make it for me. Still, a 70 rating for everthing but a plausible plot.

Iain C (ca) wrote: Athe greatest hikacking a plane movie ever

Mark K (kr) wrote: Jersey Boys is poorly written, slow, and contains every known melodramatic cliche imaginable. This is up there with Eastwoods biggest misfires.

Taiki H (ag) wrote: No too bad. Good acting, boring script, but overall I like it. But they should have shown the doodle on the back of the paintings and the message on the card. This type of film should be quite straightforward. Don't ask an audience to guess or imagine because we are not asking for.

Toni S (ag) wrote: I expected this film to grip me more than it did.