Dreams and Shadows

Dreams and Shadows

Billy is a teenage outcast in search of his life's true meaning. Day by day, he slaves away at the local burger joint, only to return home to a paraplegic father, whose own dreams of happiness have faded away in an alcoholic haze. Nonetheless, Billy tries to bond with his delusional father, but cannot break through the many layers of pain and regret that surround him. Frustrated, Billy longs to escape the dead-end existence that has engulfed his father, and now appears to be closing in on him as well.

Billy is a teenage outcast in search of his life's true meaning. Day by day, he slaves away at the local burger joint, only to return home to a paraplegic father, whose own dreams of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason L (it) wrote: Completely unbelievable - especially the hired assassins Billy Bob roles out - but surprisingly enjoyable action movie. I think Travis Fimmel is going to be a star since he can play a hillbilly on here and a Viking so well on the History Channels show.

Rachel T (us) wrote: This was a pretty bad movie with one pretty great quote I won't forget.

Bryan E (au) wrote: Rec 4 is a huge disappointment for the series. Rec was terrifying. Rec 2 was an action packed thrill ride. Rec 3 though flawed in the handling of switching from found footage to traditional cinematography, made up for it all with its dark humor, great ending and just being fun. Rec 4 is none of these things.With the title of Apocalypse, you would think the film would be more epic than what is displayed here. The entire film happens on a boat. I think either the creators are running out of ideas and were just forced to make another by the studio, or the studio would not let them do the high budgeted film they wanted to make and had to downsize.It's also unfortunate that Rec 4 does not try to use any element of the found footage style. There is some shots of security cams, but that is all. If anything the title of Rec does not even fit or make sense for this film. The title should have been changed like other horror film series (Ex. Friday the 13th changed to Jason Goes To Hell and Jason X. Nightmare on Elm Street changed to Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare and New Nightmare).

Mark W (nl) wrote: It was nice to see my favorite twins on the big screen again, even if it was a corny Disney movie, it was still kind of cute. The part I found ironic was they were separated in early life and then met in a mall... Wait, didn't that happen in Sister Sister? It did remind me of Sister Sister meets Sabrina, so maybe some lack of originality, but both girls are still very good actresses and put good performances!

Daniele C (ca) wrote: One of the many average and trivial Allen's comedies.

Luke B (de) wrote: Unfortunately it's never as creepy as the poster, but it does come close. Link sees Elisabeth Shue take a job minding Stamp's cottage where 3 apes live. An elderly domineering female, a youngling hat can communicate via a computer, and an old geezer dressed as a butler. The latter, known as Link, soon becomes a bit obsessed with his new female house guest. Mysterious goings on soon give way to extended chase scenes. It gets a bit tiresome as you'd think some competent person could take out an orangutan in this situation. The ape that plays Link is incredible. His facial expressions put the human cast to shame, and it looks like he does a lot of his own physical scenes. Enjoyable, and sometimes creepy, it can also drag on in places.

Claire J (ca) wrote: One of Babs Windsors best moments!

Cody C (us) wrote: Great movie. Has the feel of a pilot for an HBO show, a Milch or David Simon thing or whatever, where you're just thrust into these characters world and you have to play catch up. It's wonderful. Very much ahead of its time in that regard. And very snappy dialogue. Definitely Milch-y and Mamet-y. Curtis and Lancaster are insanely good.

Luke s (us) wrote: From the brilliant minds of Caroline, comes a follow up that deliever just as much as the spooky quircks that can entertain kids and parents.