A government funded project looks into using psychics to enter people's dreams, with some mechanical help. When a subject dies in his sleep from a heart attack Alex Gardner becomes suspicious that another of the psychics is killing people in the dreams somehow and that is causing them to die in real life. He must find a way to stop the abuse of the power to enter dreams.

A young psychic on the run from himself is recruited by the government to save the US president whose mind is trapped inside the dreamworld. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dreamscape torrent reviews

Yow W (jp) wrote: La historia esta genial, las actuaciones son excelentes, la fotografia se quedo un poco corta :)

Lanning (fr) wrote: If these folks had had a bigger budget, I'm sure this would have been an even better show. Still, it's very good. I'm fascinated by upwards of 50% of this movie, based in K-Town, Queens, NY, utilizing the Korean language, and by the fact that John Cho, both in real life and in the film, is barely able to speak the language. This Americanization and the distancing from one's heritage plays a key role in keeping Cho's character always slightly outside, always slightly "other." Of course this is ironic, since Cho represents mainstream America, and the payoff with this cultural distancing is that Cho distances himself not only from his Korean-ness but right out of mainstream humanity in the end. West 32nd Street is the main strip, the heart of K-Town in Queens, and Cho's venture into this heart ultimately means that he destroys his own heart. Probably my favorite aspect of this whole story is the tribute paid to Bittersweet Life -- definitely one of my all-time favorite Korean films. I watched this three times -- the final time with the commentary on. It takes a lot nowadays to get me to watch a movie more than once.

Kassy S (us) wrote: this movie sounds really funny and i would like to see it. since it seems based off of paris and nicky hilton, they are interesting and fun to watch, so i'm guessing that this movie is the same way.

Patrick J (jp) wrote: This was a masterpeice. I was very shocked at how much of a great fiim this was.

Dorian G (jp) wrote: It starts out odd, turns depressing, but ends on a high note. An exceptional performance by Danes, her range of emotion is impressive. Schwartzman is delightfully sleazy, Martin is funny enough. Not a bad soundtrack either.

Inta K (ag) wrote: nice adventurous teen movie

Surya K (us) wrote: The Believer is a film that is quite difficult to rate. The Ideas expressed in this film, are quite unfinished. The Story begins with a Skinhead who harasses a poor Jewish College student on the New York Subway. We then learn the Skinhead played by Ryan Gosling, is a Jew himself... The film is a battle between Gosling's Anti-Semitiic beliefs, and his deep seated religiosity... Gosling does an amazing job portraying the charecter, espicially during his lectures of hate, and rants, but at the end, the audience just doesn't understand why Danny Balint (Ryan Gosling) has so much hatred for his own people. There are scenes which indicate that it is because of his anger at the jewish people for not standing up to the Nazis (as Balint thinks), in other scenes it seems to be because they do not rebel against God. Overall, a movie definatley worth watching, about a confused angry young man, who doesn't know why exactly he is angry, and uses his own people as the Scapegoat to his Anger.

Jon T (au) wrote: I don't remember much of this flick, saw it when I was in elementary school at a friend's birthday party. But I recall thinking it was pretty cool.

Eileen M (br) wrote: A decent multiple character study that suffers when compared to the original. Annie Potts is always worth watching.

Mario P (au) wrote: it's funny when stallone is singing :)

Mark N (de) wrote: Murray's Thompson is often compared with Depp's later interpretation and that's not always fair. Murray plays this one for rye giggles in a broad caricature way. While an accurate impression it is also the Thompson of the books that's on stage here rather than the man himself. If you like the man or more probably his writings there is something here for you and as a jumpy series of anecdotes it is amusing and fun to watch.

Adam A (ca) wrote: With some dark humor along side some gory moments, Slither proves be some fucked-up shit!

Trey L (jp) wrote: Very little actual screen time for the monster, but the film has great atmosphere... and Oliver Reed is surprisingly effective as a Spanish werewolf! Trivia: Early in the film, a servant of the Marques is played by Desmond Llewellyn (Q from the James Bond series).

So P (es) wrote: Fred and Ginger in their first picture together. Fred is the dancing god and no one has ever measured up to his stellar dancing moves...love the music and dance moves.

Collin P (ag) wrote: While not perfect, American Psycho is an entertaining thriller that has some nice satirical scenes directed at materialism and other rich people gimmicks.

Brian B (us) wrote: Great movie. Way better plot than that garbage Sicario!

Andrew T (au) wrote: Absolutely boring and only a great battle scene... That's it.

Roman N (ag) wrote: I heard this movie was horrible so I never watched it. I decided to watch it recently. Was I pleasantly surprised? ABSOLUTELY!! I'm a martial artist and hip hop fan. This movie was great.