Dreamworks Spooky Stories

Dreamworks Spooky Stories

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In these spooktacular stories, your favorite DreamWorks characters from the blockbuster hits Shrek and Monsters vs. Aliens return in these chilling tales for the whole family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dreamworks Spooky Stories torrent reviews

Gabriella F (gb) wrote: What kind of girl do you think you are to not watch this?

Zach T (mx) wrote: There are always two sides to every piece of propaganda, the side that loves it and considers it to be true and the side that considers it to be filth. I have to agree with the second side, this movie is garbage. The funniest part of the whole thing is the fact that the people interviewed about Islam are either Christian or Jewish. The man claiming to be a former terrorist was far too old to have been part of the PLO's terrorist program and his accounts of terror can't be recognized by either the PLO or the state of Israel. It's so easy to look at the radical side of Islam as being bad and not trying to understand where these people come from and what their history is, especially with the West. Have they done terrible and awful things in the name of Allah? Yes, and so has Christianity, Judaism, and every other major religion in the name of their deity/deities. How are the Crusades any different from the Jihad against America? They aren't. Is slaughter ok just because we are the ones killing? No it's not. People need to wake up and see that every religion has their crazies, but to consider nearly 1.5 billion people to be evil and against us is not only wrong but dangerously stupid. I should have known better then to watch this, but I was willing to give anyone a chance until proven otherwise... including the xenophobic Right Wing nut jobs that created this movie.

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Private U (de) wrote: Well-made and captivating. The cut-aways to modern Black River Falls with old folks homes and homecoming parades is the eeriest part of the whole movie. Like American Movie this says a lot about my obsession with small-town midwest.

Ana A (ca) wrote: Lovely movie! A proof that Mrs Dalloway does have a plot that can be narrated, although told in a poetical way in Virginia Woolf's novel.

Joseph S (kr) wrote: Micheal Winterbottom's first film comes years after Greg Araki's "The Living End" and "Thelma And Louise", but where the later lead to some kind of bittersweet empowerment, the former film always existed in relation to society at large (usually depicted as angry rednecks), "Butterfly Kiss" let's it's cast, particularly Amanda Plummer as the delusional and manic Eunice scowering the gas stations of England for a woman named Judith, who she claims to love, and murdering or assaulting those she finds to be "Not-Judith" for being impersonators. Sheepish Miriam played by Saskia Reeves is submissive, frail, and doe eyed enough to be the heroin of a Lars Von Treir flick. In fact the naturalistic cinematography, cruelty, and intensity of performances also fit LVT trademark, but the fantastic use of pop songs, the mixture of ligthness into sudden violence, and black and white breaking of the 4th wall; these uncanny shifts in tone elevate it above the numerous 90's spree films. The highlights are performances of the underrated leads, and the evocative use of pop songs (The Cranberries, Bjrok, PJ Harvey etc) that make up the soundtrack. Funny, frantic, visually daring (especially for a first film) "Butterfly Kiss" lives in a world of it's own, soaking in the calm and scenic warmth of heads pressed against xar windows, even if the cars have day old corpses in the trunk.

dinahmoe h (ag) wrote: Ohh A car movie! Sweet! I do like this one!

Palmer S (ru) wrote: I read the Book when I was in High School based on the suggestion of my World Cultures teacher. The Movie (Mini Series) is about as close as you can get to the book and considering it came out in the 80's that is really saying something. If your interested in Japanese culture or an example of how different cultures can have so much trouble understanding each other regardless of how similar their goals are then you might find this interesting. Dont expect special effects or anything that could use the term "blockbuster". Expect instead a solid story with a constant set of twists and turns that will have you guessing who's doing what throughout.

Haley B (it) wrote: Not as good as Gold Diggers of 1933.

Daniel S (ag) wrote: I had heard of this since it played in the midnight section of several film festivals, plus it seemed like an intriguing premise, kinda similar to cheap thrills, id say this lived up to my expectations, very fast paced and engaging throughout, and weber is likable/believable in the lead, you never quite know where it's gonna go, and i didnt see the final revelations coming, i will say the very very end i wasnt a huge fan of, but not enough to prevent me from liking it, i hope to see more from th director

Jo M (ag) wrote: weird is really all I can. not the best from these actors, but a funny stupid comedy.

007 W (fr) wrote: Bolt is pretty good, 7/10

Eric H (jp) wrote: Friday took place in the ghetto, in Next Friday Ice Cube's character now lives in a wealthy neighbourhood. This means from the start that the basic formula is different, and the absence of any familiar character except Ice Cube, who was one of the weaker characters the original means that it's a film with a tenuous connection to the first. In essence Next Friday is almost a completely different film from Friday. It is still passable, it carries enough energy for the viewer to not become bored, but the original seems highly original and inventive in comparison. It seems to be capitalising on the success of the first rather than creating a true sequel.

Phil G (ru) wrote: Best Western that I have seen for years,

Gregory W (ru) wrote: great chemistry between wayne & reed.