Oliver Hayes, an aspiring animator whose confidence is at a low point, meets the captivating and impulsive Lily Blush, who encourages him to drop everything and go with her to Northern California in the hopes of fulfilling his fantasy of working for Pixar Animation Studios. As they travel up the coast, Oliver falls deeply in love but upon making certain startling discoveries he must decide if he wants to face reality or stay in dreamworld.

Oliver Hayes, an aspiring animator whose confidence is at a low point, meets the captivating and impulsive Lily Blush, who encourages him to drop everything and go with her to Northern ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brett H (fr) wrote: A C-level horror anthology film that neither leaves its mark nor entertains and I was quite underwhelmed by the proceedings. The director/writer/editor of the film, Damien Leone, had great intentions of making a cool horror movie, but the low-budget effects, amateur acting, and lack of originality sunk this ship early. The setup is simple with a little boy finding a mysterious videotape in his trick-r-treat bag and then the movie plays out similar to the V/H/S franchise with the characters watching short films and then we see their reaction. The director spliced two of his pre-made horror shorts into the film and wrote one original segment involving an alien (which was just laughable) and the final short, Terrifier, is easily the strongest but only because of some actual thrills taking place. It's a noble effort from a guy making horror films out-of-pocket, but I couldn't recommend it to anyone on principle alone: it's not scary!

Mohammed A (au) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Thomas K (au) wrote: While it doesn't really satisfy completely there is a lot to like here, and you really can't do much better than J.K. Simmons, who is pretty much perfect.

Bernard N (br) wrote: So much potential but it had to go the way of slow pacing and unimportant drama scenes. A tragic love story that is hopeless from the get-go

Wiebke K (fr) wrote: Two parents are trying to find their children after the 2005 London bombings -- a quiet and intense movie.

leah p (br) wrote: Some of the ideas were good but the main character came across as more than a bit wacky so it was hard to respect his approach to food. Does score some extra points for the interesting subject matter but it could have had some of the slower parts boiled out (get it!?).. meanders along for most of the running time, only occasionally did it reaaallly catch my attention.

Austin S (ca) wrote: I loved this movie!!! It's the new 10 things I hate about you

Grant S (de) wrote: Reasonably interesting, but flawed, courtroom-drama.Engaging plot, though it is far from watertight. There are several holes, not least in the murderer's grand plan, in the way the Deputy District Attorney eventually unravels it and in how he ultimately puts the evidence together to prosecute him. Plus the ending can be seen a mile off - not the exact details, but the broader nature of it.Anthony Hopkins seems to be going through the motions in his role. It's as if he is trying to recreate Hannibal Lecter, and doing it half-heartedly. His accent is also quite perplexing, as it seems to change with each scene. I think he was supposed to be Irish, but the accent seems to come and go.Ryan Gosling is reasonably solid in his role. Good support from Rosamund Pike and David Strathairn.

Chris W (au) wrote: In this dramedy from Danny Boyle, we get the story of young Damian Cunningham- a precocious child who, along with his older brother and recently widowed father, have moved to the suburbs to start over. During the process, Damian comes across a huge stash of cash from a gym bag that literally falls out of the sky. Less concerned with where it came from, and more worried about how to spend it, Damian ultimately decides to try to spend it more altruistically, a task easier said than done considering he's trying to keep it a secret from his dad as well as avoid a mysterious man out to claim the money for himself.Considering this is a kid friendly family film, it might seem odd that it's from Danny Boyle, but it actually fits into his oeuvre quite nicely, especially since it shares the theme of greed with some of his other films. Plus, the idea of someone known for making hard edged film then doing a 180 is not that new, with David Lynch being a great example.I do like this though. Quite a bit actually. It's fun, quirky, whimsical, and very heart warming. Even odd little touches like Damian talking to saints doesn't seem to stick out, and very much feels at home. The film has Boyle's usual flair for energy and drive, and it has some pretty neat artistic touches throughout. The music is quite nice, and I liked how it sometimes reminded me of Danny Elfman's score for Edward Scissorhands. It's also shot and edited pretty well, but that's probably to be expected.You should give this a look. It's a family film that has kids in mind, but it's well meaning, has a great message, and is done very well, so it actually makes sense why it should be recommended.

Dann M (au) wrote: Girl With a Pearl Earring is a historical drama that takes a fascinating look at art culture. Based on a novel, the film follows a young peasant maid who goes to work for an artisan and ends up becoming a muse that inspires his greatest work. Starring Scarlett Johansson, Colin Firth, Tom Wilkinson, and Cillian Murphy, the cast is fairly strong. However, the script that they have to work with is rather poor and doesn't develop the characters very well. The film also lacks passion and spirit, which is key to a story about artistry. Though the subject is interesting, Girl With a Pearl Earring is underwhelming and mundane.

Greg W (nl) wrote: grrr another lost review flixter!!!

Dann M (au) wrote: From director Rob Reiner comes the lighthearted, off-beat comedy And So It Goes. The story follows a curmudgeonly real estate agent named Oren Little who's forced to take in his estranged granddaughter when his son is sent to prison. Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton are fairly good, but it's newcomer Sterling Jerins who really shines and gives the film its heart. Additionally, Reiner does a nice job at creating some touching character moments. However, the plot's rather trite and clichd; following the usual stereotypes of an old man reforming is ways. And So It Goes is a bit of fun, but overall it a formulaic film that plays it safe.

Kathryn B (gb) wrote: Great twists, genuinely creepy moments and good production values make this Thai horror film a standout. Has a 'through the looking glass' self awareness that's refreshing for this genre.

Josh B (ca) wrote: Some huge productions that are certainly noteworthy. But, the story is just a little dull.