Four characters wake in a desert, disoriented and lost with no clue where they are or how they got there.

Four characters wake in a desert, disoriented and lost with no clue where they are or how they got there. All four have fresh surgical scars and are on the verge of death. As they run desperately through a labyrinth of realities, both past and present, their ties are revealed and they come to see that only one of them will survive. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William O (us) wrote: I was really hoping this would ve a good movie as the premise is something that could be really good but this movie failed to do anything with it. Standard found footage movie of a group of friends trying to find the ultimate haunted house. I didn't care about the charcters or why they were on this road trip. Just felt like the acting and story were forced and just not interesting. Skip this and find something else.

Anand K (es) wrote: Ok dye packs explode when you get a certain distance from the bank not inside the bank or hours later and miles away.

Margarette L (ru) wrote: I love Wai ka-fai's idea.

Stuart K (jp) wrote: Written and directed by Duncan Tucker (Boys to Men (2001), this is a road movie with a difference, it's one which became a huge independent hit when it was released. It was made for a very meagre $1 million, but it captured the minds and hearts of critics and cinemagoers the world over, despite it's controversial subject matter, which it takes seriously, but there are some laughs to be had along the way, thanks to some winning performances. Sabrina 'Bree' Osbourne (Felicity Huffman) was once Stanley Schupak, but Bree is in the process of becoming a woman, and is a week away from having a vaginoplasty, but Bree's world is thrown into disarray when she gets a call from 17 year old drugs dealer and hustler Toby Wilkins (Kevin Zegers), who claims his father was Stanley. Wanting nothing to do with her past, Bree's doctor Margaret (Elizabeth Pea) threatens to refuse Bree's operation if she doesn't face up to her past. Bree goes to New York from Los Angeles. Toby's mother killed herself years ago, while his stepfather Bobby Jensen (Raynor Scheine) is abusive, feeling guilty Bree decides to take Toby to Los Angeles with her. It's a touching film, with a lot of gentle if honest humour along the way. Huffman is brilliant in the lead as our transgender hero who is struggling to come to terms with this bombshell, it's a shame writer/director Tucker hasn't done anything since.

Jhaneb K (jp) wrote: though a copy but well made one

Samuel M (au) wrote: Una de esas obras olvidadas del terror y de la mano de una de las figuras ms interesantes del gnero: Clive Barker.El seor de las Ilusiones tiene muchos problemas, pero sin embargo tiene un encanto especial gracias a Scott Bacula y su interpretacin, a ese uso del film noir decadente del oeste americano, y a una mitologa propia que es nica y fresca.De obligada visin para los fans de Barker.

Steve S (fr) wrote: ** (out of four) Some consider this the best of the Beach movies of the 1960's. I'm not sure I'd go out on a limb on that, but you do get what you expect with the typical romance from Frankie and Annette, plus lots of sun, and surfing.

Nele D (au) wrote: Fantastic thrilling movie that keeps you thinking about the character's motives.

Official C (de) wrote: This is an extremely smart, thought-provoking and innovative film that captivates and mesmerises you entirely throughout its runtime, and refuses to let go after viewing.

Charlie L (fr) wrote: A cleverly constructed film that brags an array of solid performances and brilliant direction from Guy Ritchie.

owen b (us) wrote: the movie has horrible hulk CGI but is one of the better MCU films leading up to the avengers but that's not saying a lot. the final fight between the hulk and abomination is cool but the hulk shows up briefly throughout the film. the hulk design is epic and rather menacing and the hulk is supposed to be like that.Owens grade: C

Jim P (jp) wrote: It's a really good movie. It had a good storyline with good actors. It had a lot of excitement - it kept you engaged. It's a heartwarming movie that kept you engaged and hoping that the first mate and the boy would survive but you weren't sure and the longer the movie went on the less likely it seemed that any would survive. You knew that the boy survived, because an older version of him is telling the story but you didn't know who, if anybody else, survived. It showed how perilous times could make man do whatever was necessary to survive. It also showed how people from two different classes could form a bond based on truth.