Drive-In Horrorshow

Drive-In Horrorshow

A low-budget horror anthology made of 5 short films, each belonging to a different horror sub-genre. These segments are introduced by a ghoulish host of the sort that used to present late-night horror movies on TV. The five films are Pig, The Closet, Fall Apart, Meat Man, and Watcher.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   torture,   monster,  

Do you like blood; gore? Are you into cutting; slashing? Is cannibalism more your speed? Or maybe monsters; evil children get you going? Whatever your ghoulish pleasure, we have a tale for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kyle P (kr) wrote: My wife and I decided to give 'These Final Hours' a try since of the high Rotten Tomatoes score (79%) and also a decent user score (65%).The movie started great by setting the scene, even it was a little vague. Pretty much in a nutshell, an asteroid crashed in the ocean between the continents of North America and Africa. A fiery shock-wave is sweeping across the planet destroying everything in it's path.This movie takes place in Australia, one of the very last places to get hit by the shock-wave. The shock-wave is suppose to hit the continent in about 12 hours. The story follows a man wanting to go to an end-of-the-world party, but finds a young girl that is looking for her dad.The movie depicts very well what could happen if something catastrophic was coming, and you knew how many hours you had left to live. The pacing in the movie slows down right after the opening act, and is like that throughout until the very end.Solid acting with a great start, but the slow pace half-way through bogs down the story.

Aaron G (it) wrote: For the love of God, watch this with a significant other or a hopeful significant other. It doesn't get more charmingly romantic than this.

Becs D (au) wrote: An easy watching case, with a likeable performance from Nick Nolte. Not a memorable film though

Jeff B (br) wrote: Yet another poorly conceived horror.

Lindsey G (au) wrote: I didn't know that I had friends who were movie stars. I did know that I would love any movie which ran "Press Release" under the opening credits.

Mark W (de) wrote: As a whole the film has nothing new to offer the land of low budget horror movies. Crispin Glover was quite frankly bad in this film, I'm not really familiar with his prior roles but after this I can't say I'd expect anything over decent. Overall a rather watery plot but with all the flying axes and machetes this could have made a great over the top 3D movie!

Dan L (ag) wrote: from HK point of view, it's already good!

Arum Padma O (es) wrote: Everything is so subtle and elegantly paced

Emma C (gb) wrote: This film was ok, however it wasn't great, or even good. The star cast had me expecting something great, but storyline was flat and there wasn't any laughs to be had in this comedy.

Devon F (ca) wrote: In Cut, Molly Ringwald plays the roll of a washed up actress agreeing to reprise her roll in a cursed film. Hmm... The film seems to parallel the reality of this situation. Molly, why on earth did you agree to do this? The movie had potential... that is, if they scrapped the entire plot and shot something entirely different. The only curve ball that was thrown the audiences way was (SPOILER... like it matters) that the murderous entity was one created through the actual film and the way to destroy it was the burn the original copy. Give me a break. Just leave it with some lunatic killing college students and you have a more enjoyable film.

Dougal S (nl) wrote: This film has the reputation of being one of the better cannibal flicks of the 70s - but I really can't see why! Despite maybe having better production values than some of the others it has virtually no cannibalism in it. In fact it's actually a quite dreary story of 'love in the jungle'. A photographer goes upriver in Thailand (after randomly stabbing a man in a bar for some reason that is never expanded upon). Heading into uncharted territory he is captured by a native tribe who keep him as a slave for a bit and then integrate him into the tribe itself. At some point the chief's daughter gets the hots for him and they end up getting married and then she has a baby and promptly dies. The end. That's it.The film is really slow moving with lots of lingering shots of village life and with much of it in the native language it's difficult to know what's going on. As it's an Italian exploitation flick then there's quite a bit of nudity and the occasional graphic bit of violence but nothing to really write home about. The cannibals turn up for all of ten minutes and don't really do much apart from have a fight with the other villagers and eat one poor girl they catch by the waterfall that everyone seems intent on going backwards and forwards to.The film I watched was the UK version - Deep River Savages - which has about three minutes of animal cruelty missing (another staple of Italian cannibal films) so I don't think I've missed that much so in conclusion it left me feeling that it was ninety minutes of my life that I won't get back!

Facu S (es) wrote: Linda pelicula, de trama simple y llevadera.

Chris C (us) wrote: Hollow Man may lack the substance of Paul Verhoeven's previous works, but it still delivers Kevin Bacon and Elisabeth Shue in a pair of fine performances.

Eli D (de) wrote: The title has "bourne" in it. That's an interesting title for a film that has ZERO bourne in it.

Oliver N (ca) wrote: A far more confident feat in the Middle Earth series, I consider it a 'return to form' rather than simply better than the first Hobbit. We've gone back to the excellent characterisation, cheeky humour and frenetic action which was less present in the previous movie... While still not quite reaching the peaks of the two latter Lord of the Rings films.Verdict: A-

Cade H (ag) wrote: Bad Milo has an extremely crazy premise, but it is pulled off great and provides plenty of laughs and even some touching moments. There is not much horror to be found in this film except for a couple gruesome death scenes but when the killing is done by a little monster that came out of some guys body, its not scary at all. In the first half of the movie are quiet a few laughs and as it goes on the laughs are traded in for kills and an emotional bond between the main character and Milo. Like I said before, this movie is way over the top insane but somehow they manage to create likable characters and a fun story that ends in a touching way. If you want something different, this will be right up your alley.