Driven to Kill

Driven to Kill

A biker gang rips off drug money from the mob, then a dentist and his nagging wife steal the money from the biker gang. Hilarity ensues.

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Driven to Kill torrent reviews

Drew N (fr) wrote: Interesting just very low budget.

Ruth T (de) wrote: Gives an amazing insight into the personal cost of a dictatorship to initial innocents and the political games that get played

Cindi L (jp) wrote: A very human story, movingly portrayed.

Jacob P (mx) wrote: Very slow\ action, with a non-satisfying story.

Mikhail B (kr) wrote: Wonderful depiction of two lovers, close and distant at the same time unsure about their relations, following their instincts and resisting them, splitting and coming back together in their lives and, quite literally, on the screen. As they mix truth and lies, memories and dreams, present and past, their imaginative world seamlessly blends into the reality and disappears in it. One needs to be in quite a depressive, heartbroken mood to get some pleasure from watching the movie. But it's good.

Mark T (br) wrote: I watched this film again recently and it is still one of the best films I've seen. The amazing thing is how many really big issues it manages to deal with - rape, war, relationships, mental illness, racism, immigration - all these things are subtly emroidered into the patchwork that makes this film.It is something of a fantasy, elements of it are quite far-fetched, but it's filmed in such a naturalistic way, almost documentary like, it deceives you into suspending your normal sense of reality.For me though, the key to a great film is the storytelling, and the great achievement of this film is the way in which it tells the stories of the many different characters in the film. The editing is superb, there are a lot of quick shots - every shot has an impact or meaning that moves the story along. The mix of varied quick shots makes this film visually exciting to watch and gives it a real pace and energy. The editing is used brilliantly to tell the stories. But at the end of the day the strength of this movie is its humanity. Every character has depth and shades and the result is a very moving and enjoyable film. There are some parts that are quite confronting and disturbing but ultimately it's an optimstic and uplifting film of how the common things that we all share and the goodness in human beings can overcome prejudice and the ravages of war.There are some lovely moments of humour too, though many are quite black, the parts are all well cast and all the actors are just terrific. Five stars from me without hesitation.

Patrick I (ru) wrote: Why can't they make a movie this good about men?

Evan M (ru) wrote: A real gem. Lumet's unsung love song to a real dysfunctional family. Outstanding performances by all of the leads, especially River, who is on full display. The performance harkens back to the 50's and one James Dean. A snapshot of his greatness at such a young age that only reminds us of "what could've been..." Bravo, Riv.

Kim B (it) wrote: A cute movie but seems a bit underdeveloped. Never really explains where or how the robots come about. What was with the villain? It seemed the movie couldnt decide whether he was bad or good and never really went anywhere with his character except flip flopping. I thought the old lady was delightful and well acted. I also really did enjoy the robots. A heart warming story about friendship and the underdogs coming togehter.