Driving Miss Wealthy

Driving Miss Wealthy

Leung plays Jennifer, the spoiled-rotten daughter of a millionaire. When Jennifer's father realizes that she's spending way too much money, he hires Kit (Lau) to pretend to be a Filipino chauffeur and chaperone her. Then, Jennifer's father decides that he's going to teach her the value of money and hard-work, so he pretends to be ill, leaving all the money to Pamela, his business partner. Pamela kicks Jennifer out into the street to live with Kit/Mario. The two learn to live together and work hard to get back on top.

A man is hired to look after a spoiled rich girl, but is then pulled into a scheme meant to re-evaluate her life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gary M (br) wrote: This ending up to be strange. It was ok. I would not watch again though.

Dana M (mx) wrote: Meryl Street and Margo Martindale are excellent here. I think there were too many characters to service here and so many of them felt superfluous. The husband and boyfriends, save for Little Charles served no purpose and the time spent on them and the granddaughter could have been better used to flesh out the daughters and the core family a bit more. The dinner scene was fabulous and they probably could have cut most of what came after it until the last 20 minutes of the movie and it would have been tighter and more compelling.

Matthew S (de) wrote: Kate Winslet's performance is really the only thing about this movie that manages to make an impression.

Joyce V (es) wrote: Funny! Loved the eye tattos!

Peter P (it) wrote: Behold the terrible awesomeness of fake dino birds, characters in open feilds being eaten when there are safe forests 12 feet away, and so many great lame lines that I may have to watch this again with a pen and a pad of paper just to take it all in. A must see for cheesy movie watchers.

Huang Q (mx) wrote: life goes on with smiles

James W (nl) wrote: Waste of the (at the time) up-and-comer SNL alum talents. It tried too hard.

Joseph B (es) wrote: Wasn't quite sure what the hell was going on through most of the movie. But really didn't care either. And why is it called "Blue Steel"?