Drømmen om kaptein Sabeltanns rike

Drømmen om kaptein Sabeltanns rike

Joachim, a preteen Norwegian boy, has an obsession with pirates. When his parents object, he takes their outboard rubber dinghy out and begins a dream of an exciting and dangerous adventure...

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Drømmen om kaptein Sabeltanns rike torrent reviews

Jayakrishnan R (ca) wrote: 92%Watched this on 12/5/15Haider is one of the best revenge flicks made in India and it owes that to Shakespeare's Hamlet from which it is inspired. Haider is a revenge flick that is made on the Kashmir background and the 1995 Kashmir Curfew. It can be considered as an Indian version of Old boy(2004), well not in terms of twists, but in terms of it's scope. The film has superb cinematography and fine performances from Shahid Kapoor, Tabu and Kay Kay Menon. It is also one of the most violent Indian films that I ever seen.

Anahita S (us) wrote: This movie fails on all possible levels. Few wasteful thrills slowly dragging through a movie with ZERO storyline & ZERO purpose. Total flatline - it started nowhere, stayed nowhere & led nowhere. And there was no excitement to make up for the uselessness of this film. The only exciting part of this movie was when the guy stepped barefoot on a piece of glass. Many many thumbs down.

Rachel K (ag) wrote: This movie is incredibly biased in quite subtle ways. It also glazes over disturbing instances of the issues it claims to be investigating while dwelling on a couple of really ridiculous examples of overly defensive, fearful Jews. It also exploits the longstanding tensions between Jews of different backgrounds to discredit legitimate Jewish concerns. It's incredibly disappointing that this film made light of a truly disturbing phenomenon that has existed throughout most of recorded history and that is alive and well today. After watching this film, people should definitely see the documentary Protocols of Zion, which more seriously examines ACTUAL instances of anti-Semitism. If one doesn't have the time, a simple Google search is more than effective for gaining an understanding of what continues to make Jews uncomfortable in the seemingly accepting world of today. Defamation hardly seems so amusing and eye-opening once one is acutely aware of just how reckless Shamir in this piece.

jason a (fr) wrote: This movie started out very slow and boring but as it went on my eyes were glued to the TV

S S (mx) wrote: Predictable story as with most bollywood films but interesting and charming enough to hold my attention. 8/10

Logan H (mx) wrote: Quite possibly the most intelligent film with zombies, or, 'infected, in it that I've ever seen. At points, it does take some liberties with realism and so forth, but it's smart enough to actually question those liberties at points. Intense, but smart.

JM G (it) wrote: Don't even try to figure this one out. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride (and all the cameos).

Poo B (fr) wrote: Great as pretty much all hongkong movies

Greg W (us) wrote: good cold war thriller

Jacob G (nl) wrote: Pay the ghost is actually a pretty underrated horror movie that has a few good performances and creepy atmosphere but the performances that aren't "a few good performances" are mediocre at best