Drop Dead Fred

Drop Dead Fred

When Elizabeth returns to her mother's home after her marriage breaks up, she recreates her imaginary childhood friend, Fred, to escape from the trauma of losing her husband and her job. In between the chaos and mayhem that Fred creates, Elizabeth attempts to win back her husband and return to normality.

When Elizabeth was a girl, she had a mischivous imaginary friend called Drop Dead Fred. Now grown up, Fred re-enters her life after her womanizing husband leaves her and she moves back in with her controlling mother. It is a zappy movie that emphasizes self-actualization. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt C (jp) wrote: Literally the worst. Super bummed I lost that hour and a half of my life. It was almost funny how bad this movie is then you realize it's just sad pointless.

Ben T (nl) wrote: I love Cirque Du Soleil shows. They're incredible to watch live and they are filled with such awe-inspiring performances. Seeing them on screen, it doesn't have as much magic as the actual shows. It has great acrobatics and great set pieces, but just not as much story or characters like the actual shows. It's still a good movie though.

Nicolas B (es) wrote: merci mika et les acteurs du TNB devraient prendre exemple sur I. H. pour apprendre jouer contre-ton...

Tim W (mx) wrote: Unbelievable storey about the French poets' gay affections. Both David Thewlis and DiCaprio have put on a great show.

K R (ru) wrote: This is one the best thriller-ghost films I have ever seen. It is beautifully photographed and the story itself will appeal to all audiences.

Peryong T (fr) wrote: havnt watchd or read the play thats why i guess i hav a highr rating

Tom B (es) wrote: There's a good reason this guy is called the French Hitchcock. I like the Rohmer echoes, especially with Trintingnant. If women complain about the portrayal of women in this, ask me about the portrayal of men. Biggest difficulty was relating to people in movie, but all cleared up by the end, since I'm as nuts as they are, and twice as cheesy. Lovely sights and sounds, like landscape paintings; well-thought-out; amazing drama at times; with plenty of subtlety and suspense. Criterion please? With documentaries on filmmaker? I'd like that.

Felipe F (gb) wrote: El suspenso exacto. Me encant <3

Janne K (fr) wrote: Sympaattinen, romanttinen mykkis. Vaikkei hmppjuonesta niin perustaisikaan, ovat lopun joukkokohtaukset vaikuttavaa setti, joka todistaa, ett rapakon takana on leffamaailmassa aina osattu suurimuotoinen spektaakkelimeininki. Eip taideta Amerikassa hirvemmin ainakaan nykyn tehd elokuvia ranskalaisista. Niss vanhojen elokuvien eksotiikassa on jotain hyvin haikeaa, mennytt, sit "vanhaa hyv aikaa", josta kaikki aina puhuvat joka paikassa ja muuallakin.

Maymay A (kr) wrote: An interesting premise that is smoothly made into one good film.

Kelly S (br) wrote: Unintentionally hilarious. It gets bonus points for having Mrs. Roper as one of its stars.

Liam O (au) wrote: Oh yeah, Nick Nolte used to be a viable Hollywood actor.