Italian immigrant kidnaps a wealthy British woman, and they fall in love.

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Gary M (de) wrote: Something was missing but i didn't mind it.

Jacob M (br) wrote: A fun adventure of a young "Borrower" and her struggle to find her place in the world. This movie keeps you smiling from beginning to end and locked into the story the entire time. Great family film that is a fun Re imagining of the Borrowers novel.

Gary B (es) wrote: Some decent fight scenes!

Moe R (mx) wrote: The first half was good, then the second half absolutely bored me. It's also tough to feel for the characters when they act pretty dumb.

Adrienne M (es) wrote: I haven't cried this hard at a movie since Two Brothers.

kid ego (br) wrote: A raw dark comedy starring Jason Priestley, who would have guessed? ...And it rocks!! If you haven't experienced this little sleeper your missing out! [Too bad it's STILL not on DVD though] ... a thanks goes out to the flixster team for finally adding this film to their database.

Muffin M (es) wrote: Young publishing executive Carly Norris (Sharon Stone) takes an apartment in an exclusive "sliver" building in New York, only to learn that the previous tenant, who bore a great resemblance to Carly, died in a mysterious fall from the apartment balcony. When other tenants of the building begin to die likewise mysteriously, Carly begins to suspect that a killer may be inhabiting the building and that it may be either Zeke (William Baldwin), the voyeuristic building owner with whom she's become involved romantically, or Jack (Tom Berenger), a mystery writer with a suspicious quality.also stars Polly Walker, Colleen Camp, Martin Landau, Amanda Foreman, CCH Pounder and Nina Foch.directed by Phillip Noyce.

Ben L (ca) wrote: I was a bit surprised by Kramer vs. Kramer, because the setup at the beginning seemed be implying that Dustin Hoffman was going to be the slacker Dad and we would be sympathizing with Meryl Streep throughout. Instead it was basically a love story between a father and his son. I loved the emotional connection they show between them and how it slowly develops over the length of the film. The characters and the situation feels very real, so I can't complain at all about the performance of the actors or the construction of the script. However, I found little enjoyment out of the story. It's a depressing look at how our court systems can be flawed, and how broken marriages can become loaded with animosity. It's one of those strange films that I can see as well-made, but simultaneously find utterly unwatchable. It is very slow-moving, and I get no pleasure from the subject matter. I never want to see Kramer vs. Kramer again, but I would say that people who like dramas might enjoy it, and parents will probably get more from it than childless people like me.

Tom H (ru) wrote: Good and different John Wayne film.

danielle m (fr) wrote: Defently the funniest of the Scary Movies

Sanford R (br) wrote: It was OK, but I didn't think it was that great of a thriller

David D (ag) wrote: Perfect film, perfect trilogy

Daniel C (au) wrote: Waste of time and money. Negative 5 stars