Drugstore Cowboy

Drugstore Cowboy

Bob and his friends Dianne, Rick and Nadine have been drug addicts for years and live from one high to the next. Gus Van Sant attempts to show an intimate look into the lives of heroin addicts with his film Drugstore Cowboy.

A realistic road movie about a drug addict, his 'family', and their inevitable decline into crime. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Facebook U (ca) wrote: Dazzling film making yes, but the story is rather thin. We follow a 65 years old and his musings for over two hours. Plenty of extraordinary events still leaves the story minimal. Too idle rich for me. Also seems very old age oriented.

edwin r (mx) wrote: Everyone returns to give Barbie and Ken the Hawaiian vacation they wanted.

Ryan O (es) wrote: My documentary obsession continues with How to Die in Oregon, a film that highlights Oregon's "Death With Dignity Act", passed in 1994. While physician assisted suicide continues to be a controversial issue, this film brings a face of humanity to the issue. It's not an easy film to watch and at times incredibly uncomfortable as you witness how patients come to terms with THEIR decision, the coping mechanisms of family members and then the actual process of dying. Overall, this is a fascinating look at the issue that doesn't necessarily include the "politics" of physician assisted suicide. And when it was over, I couldn't help but think to myself, "Yes, its ok." The right to die is a choice and clearly these individuals involved were of sound mind to make their decision.Oregon's ability to pass this act and the process a person goes through to achieve their wish is staggering, but it makes sense. Throughout the process there are doctors, nurses and pharmacists to offer support and encouragement as a person makes this ultimate decision. This is a good film without becoming too sentimental. It focuses on the human condition of choice and after all, isn't that what we all want?***Looking for a double feature night? Pair this one with "You Don't Know Jack" - the outstanding film on Jack Kevorkian starring Al Pacino.

Lyle G (ca) wrote: The ending really fell flat.

Susan S (ag) wrote: Awesome action film! A must see! Aamir's best performance to date.

Give me the perfect display name (ru) wrote: idk looks interesting

emily h (kr) wrote: channing! :P and aaron carter

Nate S (mx) wrote: Not a good movie. If you're looking for a fun trashy fight movie. Look no further.

Mark D (jp) wrote: Based on a true story. Interesting social commentary on south Africa and an intensely likeable performance by thomas Jane.

Rubing L (ru) wrote: Great work by Dardenne Brothers - so painful that I can't bare to see the end. Life is like a joke to Rosetta...

Mon K (br) wrote: Incredibly moving and exquisite acting from McQueen and Hoffman!

Charles P (de) wrote: Coffy could have been a fun film if it had just allowed itself to lighten up a bit and not keep trying to push the envelope.

Devon B (ru) wrote: Performance is a sloppy, unfocused mess whose biggest virtues seem to be it's psychedelic attitude and the fact that Mick Jagger co-stars. The star of the film however, is James Fox, who plays Chas, a strong arm for a small-time extortion racket. For some reason, the business of one of his old enemies is targeted for vandalism, and he's not included in on the attack. The old enemy holds him responsible though, and goes to his apartment for retribution (this includes, and I kid you not, writing the word "poop" on his wall and spanking him with a belt). When Chas murders the old enemy in self-defense (I guess), it becomes the biggest crime to hit London in the century and Chas goes on the run. He poses as a juggler and moves into Mick Jagger's basement. Mick has two hot euro chicks living with him, and they spend much of the film naked and making love. Mick is apparently a retired rock star, and he's living in seclusion while working on his new album, memoirs and film biography. I guess he's a sort of P-Diddy of the early 70s or something. Throughout the remainder of the film, a lot of other self-indulgent hippy nonsense takes place as Mick and the girls work their hippy magic on Chas, transforming him through the spiritual awakening of drugs and free love. Actually, I think I'm being unfair to hippies, as this film more accurately reflects the seedy, ugly side of the counter-culture that was so prevalent at Altamont the year before this film was made. There are a couple of scenes of interest, most noteably Mick performing an old Robert Johnson tune on an acoustic guitar, but overall, it's a tedious affair.

Andy F (es) wrote: They literally don't make them like this anymore. Dripping with atmosphere, this tense melodrama is full of impeccable star performances.

Matt B (gb) wrote: ugh this was embarrassing.

Nicolette H (ru) wrote: Randomly put it on just to check it out for a bit & was surprised I actually sat through the whole thing. Didn't have high hopes for it. It did what a movie is supposed to do, it entertained me. It had some funny moments & of course was predictable but there was just something charming about it that made me want to continue watching it. I know it won't be for everyone & I'm not gonna run out to the store to buy it but I think if its on it's definitely worth checking out :)