At the beginning of a nightly Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, Jim seems particularly troubled. His sponsor encourages him to talk that night, the first time in seven months, so he does - and ...

Directed by Peter Cohn, the drama depicts the recovery meeting of a group of alcoholics. Took place in a basement of a church, the meeting is seen from start to finish of the film, telling stories of each individual in a strangely interesting way. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tor M (it) wrote: What happens when you believe in some sort of religion and you act extremely faithfully? Well, in these days with all the Islamic hate, this is a very relevant and terrific film.We meet 14 year old Maria. Her, and her family are living a life that seem far from everyone else's lives in 2014. They are Catholics and nothing is alowed. Marias mother is especially narrow in her thaughts and Maria is taking effect of it. She can't eat more if she feels rather full, she make daily sacrifices from things she like but doesen't REALLY need. Her mother is her mentor and guardian and she even make Maria believe that there are satanic elements in music such as ghospel and Bach.The film is wonderfully shot. Static, almost every one of the 14 scenes are without camera movement. It got a greyish tone and it feels real. Tha acting is lovely and the themes are as shocking as they are absurd. The story is amazingly told and it can make your blod boil at times.Scary, enlightening, masterful film. Ulrich Seidl's "Paradise - Faith" is a close film in many ways - but this is even better exicuted. A wonderful film about the dangers of religious extremism. Bravo! Haleluja! Amen!9 out of 10 sins.

Tara B (ru) wrote: This film was highly enjoyable and extremely hilarious and sweet at the same time. I saw this with my family and we all loved it! This is without a doubt, my new favorite French film!

John S (gb) wrote: The show was pretty good, but this movie was absolutely great. It finally finished the series long development of the character of Kyon. Perfect way to end the series.

Steve W (gb) wrote: Killar is a hitman with a speech impediment, and only kills the rude with his partner Ballet. Ever since he was a a child, Killar has been a mute. With the funds he receives from the contract killings, he will be able to get a surgery that lets him talk.This is a pretty cool concept for a film, but it squanders it with a scattered story and aimless plotting. Killar has plenty of kills and cool moments, but the movie is unfocused and goes all over the place with a hefty running time of two hours.The worst part is the atrocious ending. Throwing away everything that the film builds up on, ludicrous twists and reveals pop up out of nowhere and it ends on a very poor ending. It wasn't just because it was a sad ending, its almost as if they wanted tot be sad a lot on purpose, and tacked on all sorts of reveals that feel cliche and unnecessary.Despite the good acting and premise, No Mercy for the Rude is a bad fusion of an action thriller, romance, and dark comedy.

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Nadya J (es) wrote: I remember that we had this movie on VHS and that I really liked watching it when I was younger. I remember it being very entertaining at the time.Sinbad stars as a con artist who is trying to hide from some mobsters. In an airport he gets mistakenly befriended by a geek lawyer who thinks he's a long lost childhood friend. He becomes a house guest and makes himself comfortable in the lawyer's home and really gets to know his family and neighbors.This movie is very funny and well suited to watch with your family, I know I loved to watch it back then.

Adam C (ca) wrote: I saw this movie when I was about 10 and absolutely loved the way it played with the vampire genre. I think this was the first time I ever saw a hero who wasn't completely paralyzed with fear at confronting a vampire, but rather saw it as an enemy to be neutralized.

Richard L (gb) wrote: This movie is disturbing. It's storyline barely holds together. The acting is really bad but the picture quality and special effects are surprisingly good. It's unintentionally surreal.