Dry Season

Dry Season

Chad, 2006. After a forty-year civil war, the radio announces the government has just amnestied the war criminals. Outraged by the news, Gumar Abatcha orders his grandson Atim, a sixteen-year-old youth, to trace the man who killed his father and to execute him. Atim obeys him and, armed with his father's own gun, he goes in search of Nassara, the man who made him an orphan. It does not take long before he finds him. Nassara, who now goes straight, is married, goes to the mosque and owns a small bakery. After some hesitation Atim offers him his services as an apprentice. He is hired then it will be easy for him to gun down the murderer of his father. At least, that is what he thinks...

Chad, 2006. After a forty-year civil war, the radio announces the government has just amnestied the war criminals. Outraged by the news, Gumar Abatcha orders his grandson Atim, a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jay S (br) wrote: Bought it last night. Can't wait to watch the rest of it.

Jason K (br) wrote: Very Funny And Dismally Underrated

Joey S (es) wrote: I cannot take back watching this . If you rated this good you never actually watched this

John M (mx) wrote: The worst acting ever. Trying to be a scary porn. Ugh.

heyitsvasili (nl) wrote: instant classic to the Disney Movie collection!!

Heather M (jp) wrote: I am going to have to pass on this one.

Luis C (mx) wrote: Gran demostracin de que se puede hacer cine de denuncia social sin dejar de ser entretenido, emocionante y espectacular. Muy buen ritmo, actuaciones honestas, fotografa y montaje expresivos y una banda sonora rica en sonoridades y matices apoyan a la verdadera estrella del film: el guin. Un guin solido, que sabe cuando romper el hielo y llevarnos de nuevo a la tensin, con situaciones concretas y dilogos cuidadosamente elaborados y de un realismo poco usual en el cine venezolano. Podra decir que el tono es lo nico que quizs me pareci inconsistente debido al uso reiterativo del humor en medio de situaciones dramticas y hasta duras, pero la verdad, si algo es cierto, es que el venezolano conserva su humor aun en las peores circunstancias y si algo aplaudo de "La hora cero" es que se mantuvo fiel a la idiosincracia criolla sin temor a ser catalogada de localista o demasiado "caraquea". "La Hora Cero" es una gran pelcula de accin y suspenso, con fuertes dosis de drama y violencia pero sobre todo es un gran espejo de las ambiguedades sociales que se sufren todos los das en nuestros paises, en nuestras cuidades, en nuestras calles, donde no hay malos ni buenos, slo seres humanos sobreviviendo cada uno a sus propias adversidades. LHC no es una gran pelcula venezolana, es una gran pelcula y punto.

Hrant B (nl) wrote: Beautiful cast especially Sofia Vergara!!! The movie should have been called The Latinas or The Three Latina Muskeeteers, there was nothing to chase. The script was bad, the acting was terrible, the editing was horrible...it never came together. Skip this one, don't even bother checking it out.

Andrew G (it) wrote: Life-changing. Jaw-dropping.

Slinky J (au) wrote: Cherry Falls relies to much on Scream, Urban Legend and I Know What You Did Last Summer bad cliches. And the acting isn't much better either.

John B (es) wrote: You are SO wrong. Obviously you have freaking tomatoes in your brain !!

Joel A (br) wrote: This film has truly everything it....Chases, Romance, Action & Drama. It's a true tour de force of Cinema a silent must see.I was fortunate enough to see this film at the opening night of the annual silent film festival at Pordenone Italy & to see on positive 35mm tinted was an unforgettable experience.The film is simply what a man (John Barrymore) does for love & the situations he finds himself in. It's a larger than life film set in Paris in the 1800's. A must see silent classic.

Ana Paula C (es) wrote: Good film , nice animation and a funny script. Overall it has a creative , heartwarming narrative unlike any other christmas movie.

Bruno V (au) wrote: The killings and the followers-story were good ....but not much of suspence ...

elista s (de) wrote: Guilty pleasure movie

Joel K (us) wrote: Great modernized western film noir movie set during a feista in a place called San Pablo, New Mexico. Thomas Gomez was rightfully nominated for best supporting actor for his role as Pancho. Gotta love Art Smith's accent in this movie as well. The feista atmosphere with the film noir lighting make the movie a lot of fun for me. Robert Montgomery and Wanda Hendrix are also wonderful. Just a delightful film. Love the ending.