Dry Summer

Dry Summer

A scheming tobacco farmer sets out to ruin his competition by diverting the local water to his own property.

A scheming tobacco farmer sets out to ruin his competition by diverting the local water to his own property. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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C E (es) wrote: hysterical stoner flick!

Cedar D (ag) wrote: Despite the decent performances by a select few (Namely Anika Rose, Wood Harris, and LaTanya Richardson), this movie did it's best to keep shooting itself in the foot whenever it could. To the film's credit, the costumes and some of the scenery sets that distinct 1950's atmosphere. However, as a native of Birmingham I was expecting a little more of my beloved city than what I saw in the movie. But, I was willing to put that little nuance behind me. What I couldn't forgive were the moments that were suppose to be emotional, moving, tearjerking, moment of silence for our fallen heroes moments; terrible. It's a good idea to take a subject like the Great Civil Right's Movement and make it somewhat upbeat so it doesn't completely disconnect to the young adult audience of today. However, when you want to convey the seriousness of a situation you cannot be Happy-go-lucky. I apologize for spoiling this film for a few people but there are 2 distinct points of the movie which I will touch upon. 1) When the Watson children are talking to their cousins about the march for freedom in the school's the music is way off in terms of conveying the hurt, pain and torture that my people went through. 2) The scene where Kenny is looking for his sister, to be honest Bryce (Kenny) didn't look like he received any instruction whatsoever in trying to convey the fear or terror that the real Kenny Watson had at that point. And they botch the scene up more by having Kenny's mythical fear of a Whirpool (whatever that was suppose to be) pop out of nowhere and completely tear the audience from any feeling that we were suppose to have for him.Though this film has it's bright spots the bad far outweighs the good. It's not a complete waste of time. But I won't be watching it again anytime soon.

Jamie C (jp) wrote: Good Movie.. Pretty funny.. Female version of hangover

Ashley H (it) wrote: Waiting for Superman is a gripping documentary. It is about parents send their children off to school with the highest of hopes. Charles Adams and Jonathan Alter give amazing performances. The script is good but a little in places. Davis Guggenheim did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed it because of the drama. Waiting for Superman is a must see.

mason b (es) wrote: One thing I found out when researching Fish Tank after my viewing was that Katie Jarvis had had no previous acting experience when cast in this film. My reaction was shock, because not once does she show that's she not completely comfortable and present onscreen. It is a brilliant performance in the brilliant British film Fish Tank. In it Jarvis plays Mia, a lower class teenager prone to anger and violence, who develops an unhealthy crush on her mother's boyfriend, Michael Fassbender's Connor. The film is gritty realistic piece, dealing with extremely heavy and dark themes. And yet the wonderful thing about Fish Tank is that it never becomes overwhelming depressing because of it's subject matter. There still that sense of hope throughout the whole thing. And it's thrilling, thrilling in a Hitchcockian way. There were times near the end where I was literally on the edge of my seat, it was that intense. Andrea Arnold directs the whole thing extremely well, showing us Mia's world and her pains, anger, aspirations.. She's in charge of a cast that are giving incredible performances. Everyone on screen in brilliant, and perfectly cast, and just wonderful. The only minor flaw in Fish Tank is that its pacing may make it's two hour running time seem a bit over-stretched, but I stress that is a very minor flaw. I loved Fish Tank, and I encourage anyone reading this to see this film as soon as possible.

Randi C (ca) wrote: I love Ryan Reynolds. Gr8 inspiring movie too, obviously a little corny. but i enjoyed it.

Zbigniew D (fr) wrote: Reminds me of Scarface

Ben T (gb) wrote: The plot is a little bit ridiculous, but Men In Black successfully uses the fabulous effects, hilarious acting, and deeply written characters, makes this film become the top of the 1990s.

Wil R (ca) wrote: I was really expecting something much funnier with Woody Allen.

John B (kr) wrote: One of Bill Murray's best and most underrated films.

Noelle W (au) wrote: Nice and sick. Best ending ever.

Garrett C (it) wrote: The paper thin characters and distracting use of studio sound stages in conjunction with the outdoor photography is a difficult hurtle to get over, but DeMille's genuine zeal for the "unity of the Nation" and an epic scale are undeniably appealing. Not even Barbara Stanwyck's fake Irish accident could bring down her performance.


Susanna M (br) wrote: In short:Lily, is a slut and Catherine, who's also behaves like a slut, is a poor excuse of a mother. Catherine is also very selfish, giving her husband a hard time when he has to work.Burtie seems a bit slow in the head. And, Detective Rae is covering up evidence to protect Burtie, his side-piece's brother.Good acting, though...