Du & jag

Du & jag

Niklas and Maja were a couple in high school. At 25, they meet again, but something stands in the way of a reunion.

Niklas left the love of his life, Maja and years after they meet again. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Neil T (jp) wrote: A very straightforward story.. and yet, it's not a dull movie. I haven't come across any movies for a while that simply tell the story. Very touching.

Trenna S (br) wrote: Interesting characters, and their quiet desperation draw you in, and engage you in their lives. A very bittersweet and heart-wrenching film.

Roxanne C (mx) wrote: ok movie but far fetched.

Scott D (mx) wrote: He tried way to hard.

Carlo V (ru) wrote: Un film bellissimo sui rapporti tra persone

G C (ru) wrote: slightly disappointing, for the director puzzles the audience by giving us no sense of direction. the film is as eccentric as Rickman tries his best to portray Franz Anton Mesmer, which at times is captivating. wish it could be even better.

Joel R (nl) wrote: Ok slasher with inventive and sometimes hilarious kills. You can see the "twist" coming from a mile away.

Halimali H (gb) wrote: Many would think this movie is bad. Compared to the Exorcist yes or even as a sequel. However, If you think about it as a separate movie then it is something else. I really love the background music and few scenes. Its not totally boring as it is said hence I would give it a 60%

Eric B (us) wrote: When is a black-and-white silent comedy neither black-and-white nor silent?Actor/director Jacques Tati's ultimate statement was "Play Time," an extravagantly staged satire that has gained acclaim with passing years. It's easy to see why this droll look at metropolitan life was a box-office disappointment -- it has almost no plot or dialogue of consequence, and its meticulous jokes are dry, abstract sight gags. The intentionally sterile color scheme is all pale blues, whites and grays, and the film's use of language is uniquely strange -- lines appear in both English and French, but they function as background chatter so trivial that no one even bothered to add subtitles. Discernible lines usually sound like post-production looping, and there are so few close-ups that matching words with mouths is barely an issue. The effect is like watching reels from a company security camera.Only a few characters stand out as recurring presences. Of course, the most important is Tati's raincoated alter-ego Mr. Hulot. But Tati is more interesting as a filmmaker than an actor -- Hulot's rather limited repertoire depends on lumbering around with an awkward, theatrical gait that soon grows tiresome (imagine a hesitant combination of stretching to see over a high fence and checking for squeaky floorboards). Other repeat faces include a visiting woman who ends up playing piano in a chaotic restaurant, a busy little man trying to keep a meeting with Hulot and an endearing doorman who's forced to perform his duties in useless pantomime after a glass door is shattered."Play Time"'s influence on both Benny Hill and Roy Andersson is unmistakeable.I'm rounding up my rating as an act of faith, because I can't think of another movie I've seen that was so grossly damaged by a small-screen viewing. Given a film that's almost entirely composed of wide shots, the steady parade of subtle visual jokes demands intense attention on mere inches of the TV image. Hopeless. I felt as if 75% of the humor eluded me.

Alasdair B (ca) wrote: Although its somewhat interesting at a first watch, "Cruel Intentions" is cruel. Its rather dull, bland, and has no coherent story. Attractive people talk, have sex, talk, have sex, and then one dies, and then attractive girl drives into the sunset. That's it. That about sums it up. Its Twilight without the vampires.

Laura M (ru) wrote: Hilarious a good family film

PatrickG P (au) wrote: it's a bit like being in nam

Ayesha U (es) wrote: The movie is interesting. I liked it suffice to say!