Du Sköna

Du Sköna

This is the story of the people living in a small village by a river. Five redhead girls. Absent fathers and bitter mothers. A whore and her pimp. And a lonely man.

This is the story of the people living in a small village by a river. Five redhead girls. Absent fathers and bitter mothers. A whore and her pimp. And a lonely man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt M (de) wrote: After surprising everyone with the maturity and humanity shown in his take on the zombie genre with Rammbock, Kren returns takes on creature features. Set in the Alps, a group of scientists working at a weather station encounter a bloodied glacier and a rapidly growing number of mutant monsters. Recalling the creepy sci-fy horror of Carpenter's The Thing, The Station does a good job in setting up a credible storyline and even establish a genuine emotional connection with the audience in the first part. The second part, however, is much less balanced as the plot collapses under its own weight. Furthermore, there are a number of political and satirical underlying themes that can be read and that are laughable more than clever. However, it must be noted that the effects are great and make this Austrian production look on par with countless more expensive similar productions as well as overall more rewarding.

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Ina S (jp) wrote: I blame it on the subtitles - maybe they were too shallow and clichd, because that was the overall impression I got of this film. It also was probably the zillionth coming out/coming of age film I have seen, and nothing new here, except good acting and cute girls. I loved the mother's ex and the actor playing the father, very, very good. Otherwise I was just plain bored, too tame, too unoriginal.

Alberto G (gb) wrote: muy bien contada, foto planona, pero justo lo que esperas que pase pasa. Quizas eso es lo sorprendente.

Olivier S (us) wrote: Excellent Brazilian song at the end of the film "Vas Adelante" by Eric Cerra.

Johanne D (ca) wrote: a very good try at somewhat a political critic witin a mass medium

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Michael R (mx) wrote: Decent WWII POW Drama...

Caitlin L (de) wrote: An alright movie. There were good points.

Ryan S (nl) wrote: A fun relic from the 80s