The winner of Best Independent Action Film* DUAL follows drifter Luke Twain in the late 1800s when he discovers a town where all the inhabitants has been brutally murdered. Making a choice ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Dual 2008 full movies, Dual torrents movie

The winner of Best Independent Action Film* DUAL follows drifter Luke Twain in the late 1800s when he discovers a town where all the inhabitants has been brutally murdered. Making a choice ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dual torrent reviews

Soraya H (de) wrote: Bound to be a great movie - a beautiful Nicholas Sparks book - can't go wrong

Stephen L (ca) wrote: Hilarious. And it gets better with age.

Mr D (es) wrote: Randy Quaid in his most serious role I ever saw and Rob Schneider as voyeur martian.

Jackson S (kr) wrote: A damn fine waste of time.

Art S (ru) wrote: L. A. punk weirdness from Alex Cox (who also directed Sid & Nancy) starring Harry Dean Stanton and Emilio Estevez as repo men whose lives are always intense. The film holds up surprisingly well and actually holds together well too. Unlike a lot of cult flicks, this has a semblance of plot (there are aliens in the trunk of one of the cars to be repossessed, driven by the inventor of the neutron bomb who has had a lobotomy) and the acting is generally more good than bad. It's also laced with funny memorable lines ("let's get sushi...and not pay!"). Robby Muller (Wim Wenders' favourite cinematographer) shot this and it shows - he and Stanton went on to Paris, Texas directly after this. The soundtrack isn't quite as punk as you would expect. Too bad Cox couldn't keep a career going but it was probably inevitable given the outsider content he prefers.

Brett K (nl) wrote: Incredible John Wayne Deserved The Oscar

Stuart M (fr) wrote: This is one of Kurosawa's earlier works and as such I'm not really sure what to think of it. Unlike his war and pre-war films this is at least his vision we're seeing. The issues tie directly in with the ones Kurosawa had dealt with as a silent critic of the imperial regime. It's just that they're more overt than is usual for his films while at the same time being more opaque and unexplored.As with many of his films this one is about valorizing the individual's struggle for right behavior against a society that is indifferent or hostile. This time the struggle takes place over a decade and follows the story of a girl who gets involved with an opponent to the imperial regime and a spy. It looks at what heroism really means and concludes, in a typically Japanese way, that it means continuously suffering for a good cause. It isn't exactly a novel concept but he handles the material well.An interesting feature of the work is that the main character is a woman. This is quite unusual for a Kurosawa film since he appears to have found the lives of women entirely uninteresting. The presentation of the lead character features several highly unsurprising and patriarchal assumptions but after an unimpressively self-centered youth she actually turns into a surprisingly strong character. Sure, she expresses this strength through subordinating her desires first to those of her husband and then to her in-laws, but she is at least deciding the path of her own life and gets to tell off people who are less stubborn than she is. One can only expect so much from a 1940s film after all. I think one of the difficult bits to appreciate is the then modern setting. The events dealt with were then fresh in everyone's memory (it must have started production mere months after the US landing) so he felt no need to explain the background. And indeed the rise of Imperial Japan doesn't need much explaining since it features mostly the same features we'd expect from a fascist state: the suppression of academic liberty and the persecution of political dissidents. But the same cannot be said of the actions of Noge. All that we know about him is that he is doing something he considers vitally important. He's clearly aligned with the Leftists and anti-fascists, but for more than that you need to look up the Wikipedia page to find out it has to do with leaking secrets to Russia and the Sorge case. Then there are the not infrequent moments of dialogue over-minimizing. There were many times I wanted to shout at the screen, "Yes, I understand that you're feeling something hard. Is it too much to ask that you explain what it is?"Overall it was a good film, but nowhere near his best. It starts off fairly well but has a long and slow middle before moving onto a much stronger ending. I didn't recognize most of the cast but I did squeal a little when I spotted Takashi Shimura in a bit role as a villain. I don't think I ever saw him as a baddie before so that was fun. I think this is probably the earliest of his films I can genuinely say I liked for more than its academic value.

Michael D (kr) wrote: Another classic ego driven men in power unable to bend. Military mindset in view

Lanky Man P (ag) wrote: Not too bad. The scarecrows actually looked creepy.

Evan K (us) wrote: Didn't laugh once and made sadly unnecessary given the solid talent behind it.

Nicholas B (es) wrote: Three words "awesome [email protected] movie"