Duan hun gu

Duan hun gu

A hired killer unknowingly makes friends with the man he's been sent to assassinate.

A hired killer unknowingly makes friends with the man he's been sent to assassinate. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephen S (ca) wrote: One of the worst movies I've ever seen. So bad that it's actually difficult to watch.

Alex K (it) wrote: I Like War Films, 1998's Saving Private Ryan Is My Favorite War Film.

Charles P (au) wrote: Elizabethtown fails to maintain the atmosphere of sentimental quirkiness that it's going for, because, in the end, it's as half-baked as its storylines and bland as the performances from its romantic leads.

Robert C (jp) wrote: These guys are hilarious. That's right, I think Larry the Cable Guy is funny, SUE ME!

Stuart K (es) wrote: Directed by Dwight H. Little (Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988) and Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home (1995)), this is a suspenseful if predictable potboiler, set within the wall of the White House, based on the book Murder in the White House by Margaret Truman, (daughter of President Harry S. Truman). It has it's moments, but not many. When White House secretary Carla Town (Mary Moore) is found dead in a toilet cubicle in a White House restroom, Homicide Detective Harlan Regis (Wesley Snipes) is put on the case, while Regis carries out his investigations in and around the White House, Secret Service agent Nina Chance (Diane Lane) is assigned to keep an eye on him. However, the investigation has come at a bad time, as there's an impending international crisis occurring involving American hostages being held in North Korea, and U.S. President Jack Neil (Ronny Cox) is trying to find a diplomatic solution, but National Security adviser Alvin Jordan (Alan Alda) and General Clark Tully (Harris Yulin) don't think Neil is handling the situation correctly, leading to a clash of personalities. But, everyone at the top has something to hide. It's a good film, but it's all been done before with corrupt politicians, Snipes handles the action well, but Alda steals the show, as always, as the slippery adviser. It's to the point and no nonsense and that's good, but it's all a bit predictable, and a bit of complexity to the plot could have helped it.

EdGe O (jp) wrote: I know, why waste a movie review about a two-rate movie like "Feeling Minnesota"? I don't know... I just feel like doing it. Strangely enough, after seating through an hour and a half of this black comedy, I actually liked it. I was entertained. That's probably just it.

Private U (ag) wrote: Without a doubt the funniest movie i have ever seen. MUST WATCH FOR THE FUNNY FACTOR!INBRED AMERICAN STORYTELLING ST ITS FINEST FOLKS!

Andy D (mx) wrote: An overall good movie. Had some funny quotes.

Vincent B (jp) wrote: Strange to see this movie almost 75 years after released. Many thinks about Europe still hold.

bill s (br) wrote: Little known horror gem that plays out as a throwback to old school thrills and chills.

Petros T (ag) wrote: Not too surprisingly, the film's futuristic aspects are mostly just awkward and hit their target - presumably laughter - only partially. On the other hand, "Demolition Man" occasionally appears to be a meta, self-sarcastic treat, with references to Jackie Chan and Arnold and the uproariously funny "I'm a seamstress" 'subplot'. Of course, it all comes down to the action, which features enough demolitions to water your eyes. Also on the plus side, Snipes and Leary are visibly having a blast.

Zachary B (ru) wrote: After 100 minutes of style over substance, Gia Coppola's "Palo Alto" will have you either remembering those idiots from high school or recalling how you used to be one of them.