Ducoboo 2: Crazy Vacation

Ducoboo 2: Crazy Vacation

Ducobu goes on holiday in the south of France.

Ducobu goes on holiday in the south of France. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ducoboo 2: Crazy Vacation torrent reviews

Bill B (us) wrote: After hearing several positive reviews for this one I was happy to have it turn up from Netfux, and I can happily say that the vagueness of the reviews paid off. We follow a young woman into the nebulous world of old Hollywood, where she finds that being willing to do anything to become a star is taken quite literally, with the supernatural elements behind an old studio happy to have her in their fold.The film is very arty and pretty to look at, and something I would recommend tracking down if you are in the mood for something different from the average horror outing.

FishieLemonDude D (fr) wrote: I love Video Games since I was a kid, but when I saw this film!it blew my mind in 2012.So I don't know why they did not put Mario in this film, they put the film in 1993 with the SMB Movie which it is a failure. they had Nintendo and SEGAreferences in this film, Sonic and Bowser are in the Wreck-It Ralph film so they will make a sequel where they try to work on the Mario and Luigi Characters in it to render the models that where better, I will give this film 90% of fresh tomatoes

James H (ru) wrote: In spite of having that made for television feel about it, which I hate, it's a pretty good film. Anything that paints the Catholic church in a bad way is fine with me. I was molested as a child by a priest, and it is way too common. I still have nightmares from my treatment by nuns. I was born left handed, but apparently the Catholic church did not approve of left handed people, because everytime I used my left hand to do something, my left hand was whacked with a metal ruler. So, now I am right handed. I still have the scars to prove it. I despise the Catholic church and in that way I am glad this film was made.

Nick P (us) wrote: Starts off like an old tales from the crypt tale, but just drags and drags with terrible acting and dialogue until you finally get to the mediocre but somewhat satisfying ending.

Matthew B (ag) wrote: A minor step up from the last movie, but still suffers from everything that made the first movie terrible.

Christopher S (es) wrote: One of the dumbest films I have ever seen but also a guilty pleasure. Rodney Dangerfield was a comic genius and he was perfect as Chester Lee. The directing left much to be desired and overall acting was horrible. That also goes for former teen idol Jonathan Brandis, who should have won every Razzie for his role as Matthew/Martha. Trust me, only Dustin Hoffman and a select few can pull off the cross dressing in films and get away with it. Dangerfield keeps the film with laughter all by himself. However, if the film is reliant on one liners and a comic genius for box office appeal, it rarely ever works out and Ladybugs is no exception.

R S (es) wrote: Nattu beta is in full action.

Alex W (ca) wrote: This got better the second time i saw it. its an almost great movie, though the ideas and though it creates are enough to make it very good.

Davey M (br) wrote: Some of the very best animation around comes from the Disney shorts from the '20s through the '50s. Two prime examples here.

Daniel P (ru) wrote: Doesn't suck as much as her home movies!