Two punks from the big city, traveling across the country in a Volkswagen bug, embrace the western ethos when they must take revenge against a group of rednecks for killing their friend in this lighthearted road movie. Along the way, they enlist the help of a young woman who runs a wrecking service.

The movie follows two Manhattan punks, or "dudes", from the big city as they travel across the country in a Volkswagen bug. On their way to Los Angeles, they become vigilantes when their friend is murdered by a gang of cutthroats. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicole F (br) wrote: John-Paul Davidson puts together a masterpiece narrative biography of Seve Ballesteros, world renowned golfer, in Seve the Movie. From the aesthetic choices of Spanish scenery to effectively putting together one of the most captivating documentary I have seen recently, I highly recommend it. Some biographies I have seen really make your eyelids heavy but in this biopic, I forgot that it was a documentary at some points. Especially when recounting Seve's childhood and rise to becoming a professional golfer at just 13 years old. This film, combined with the compelling incorporation of narrative and raw footage, tributes the golfing legend Seve Ballesteros in a respectable and beautiful manner. Upon my experience in the theater, I highly recommend this film.

Alan W (kr) wrote: An illicit affair/romance under the shadows of a nuclear reactor plant - an unusual concept indeed (not since Silkwood back in the 80s anyway) but the love story at the centre of this is a familiar one. The narrative feels incomplete, if not pointless, often going nowhere despite hinting at characterisation or depth that are never fully explained or explored, when it tries too hard to be enigmatic and ''arty''. The very Continental ending didn't help either. Not bad per se, just not my cup of tea.

MF J (jp) wrote: A funny comedy about three brothers going through midlife crisis. The actors are in great shape, the jokes are full on & the story is really nicely written. A good one.

Gurnam S (gb) wrote: khuda bachaye aisi movies se...ye dedh star bhi sirf gulshan grover ke liye...

Heather M (fr) wrote: There were some hilarious bits in this movie, but overall it was full of cliche Jew bashing jokes.

Iowa B (fr) wrote: Given its subject of matter and its surroundings, "Kontroll" is surprisingly vibrant and offers some moments of sheer beauty. Nimrd Antal does a fine job in blending the familiar with the otherwroldly and, as a result, the overall material is fluent and unitary and even the eeriest elements hold a sense of belonging.While definitely not following the "box-office" pattern "Kontroll" is an original, haunting, sometimes dark, sometimes funny and overall engaging flick.

Marc B (ru) wrote: This is the merit that Jackie Chan copycat with "Who am I" wich is also good and little different.

Itamar K (gb) wrote: Wonderfully brilliant, one of Svankmajer's very best. If you like Svankmajer watch it; if you haven't seen any of his movies, you should give his vision a chance. Maybe you'll get into it, maybe you won't.

johnny m (br) wrote: one of or the best movies I have ever seen, the effects hold up better than modern CGI and an amazing film. This film has inspired me to become a director myself, when I go to college.

Ryan W (nl) wrote: Kind of bad but kind of good. I gave it a good rating because she's simply awesome in this movie even though the acting is horrid. I think they purposely made it over the top because that's part of this film's charm however. It keeps me very entertained and I just love seeing Elvira sticking it to the prude towns people. It's an enjoyable flick to say the least.

Dfh98 D (kr) wrote: Queer, Very Queer. Beautiful!

Anthony K (fr) wrote: A bizarre time capsule that feels both wildly off its rocker and dizzyingly unfocused. Faye Dunaway is riveting to watch, but in the same way that pimple popping videos on YouTube are. If anything, it'll get you interested in Joan Crawford's bizarre life story, but don't expect anything more than cheap schlock. 3.8/10

Ben T (mx) wrote: Cabaret is a weird movie. It's a movie about Burlesque dancing, love and the rise of the Nazis. This is a film that has quite a lot of good in it but it's no masterpiece. The acting is really good. Liza Minelli and Michael York are both brilliant. The rest of the acting is really good, it's the best part of the movie. The direction is rather good, the dancing scenes are all really good. The editing and cinematography is really good. The scene where the man is beaten in the street, intercut with a dancing scene is fantastically edited. Unfortunately I have quite a few problems. Liza Minelli while she did give a really good performance her character was so unlikeable, she was really rude and just didn't shut up, she also SPOILER ALERT gets pregnant and it's unsure wether her boyfriend got her pregnant or if it was a one night stand, that just annoys me as she is very unfaithful and just down right annoying. The main two male leads however were really good and made the scenes with Liza bearable. This film unfortunately is actually quite boring. There's this big portion to do with love that is just so dull and uninteresting. There's also this really creepy man who is part of the dancing who looks like pee wee Herman that is so creepy. However all the nazi stuff is handled brilliantly. There's one fantastic scene to do with a Hitler Youth singing that is just brilliant Overall this is a decent film with fantastic aspects about it. See it if you want but in my opinion it is no masterpiece. B

Benjamin W (mx) wrote: While one could see this film as a "coming of age" tale, it's more accurately the loss of innocence and childhood, mixed together with heavy oedipal problems. Of course, it -is- French . . . :P

Jelo D (kr) wrote: Mindless as expected, which is fine. But ups the anti so far it's comical. What a piece of poo.

Don S (br) wrote: Not really a Nolte fan; he tends to overplay his roles. He is watchable here. The storyline is too simple. The name of the movie is explained in the opening scene but then has nothing to do with the story. There is no character development so you don't get involved like you should. The atmosphere is too light for the noir genre. A fair effort raised up a notch by the beautiful Jennifer Connelly.