Due cuori fra le belve

Due cuori fra le belve

Totò fa il professore di danza classica ed è innamorato di Laura, figlia del famoso antropologo Berti, scomparso mentre era alla ricerca dell'uomo-scimmia, l'anello mancante appunto fra ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Esa K (de) wrote: Paatosta ei ainakaan puutu nist slaavilaisista sankarileffoista. Jos nyt tm kyseinen amiraali olikin oikeasti keuhkotautinen ja reumaattinen kalju, niin phenkiln habituksessa ei ole moittimista. Kyseinen historiallinen henkil ei myskn tosiasiassa olisi halunnut palata takaisin Venjlle johtamaan minkn sortin vastavallankumouksellista taistelua, mutta haitanneekohan sekn hyv tarinaa.

John H (ru) wrote: One of my favorite Bruckheimer films along with The Rock and Gone in 60 seconds.

Terry H (es) wrote: I like Robin Williams's performance. All in all it's a good movie.

Sanchayan S (de) wrote: Disconnected acting, plenty of plot holes, less motivation of the story and bad direction along with poor characterization and a blunt screenplay marred this movie which could otherwise have been an intelligent , fluid and emotional one. The dragon voiced by Sean Connery is quite like-able partly because of the voice and the scenes involving the dragon . However in those days where animatronics were quite accomplished with movies like "Jurassic Park " taking it to new levels , using a well designed but poorly rendered CGI dragon brought out the grandeur of the dragon by a long way. Even then the scenes involving Bowen and the dragon looked quite fun .However there were certain moments which could have been portrayed in a real beautiful way specially at the end but was absolutely marred by bad visual effects and direction. Unnecessary battle and sword fights which lacked real motivation was a primary distraction of which was otherwise a good story in the heart.

maeghan l (es) wrote: well i meant the twilight saga one anyway that movie was awesomeness

Shawn S (ru) wrote: Gerard Butler and Lena Headey are superb, David Wenham provides excellent narration, the action is highly stylized and violent, Tyler Bates's score is glorious, and Zack Snyder is at his best.

Erica S (jp) wrote: Lovely feel good movie