Due partite

Due partite

Every Thursday a group of ladies would gather to play cards and discuss their loves, lives and children while their daughters played in the next room. Thirty years later, the daughters meet... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tuukka P (au) wrote: Danish prison thriller about a young man thrown in with the most violent criminals found in Denmark. Somewhat similiar to typical American movies of this genre but with an European twist. Daring and bold look at the life behind bars with some nice twists thrown in.

Dan F (ru) wrote: A plethora of recognisable TV faces pop up throughout this bleak horror, which successfully achieves a sense of hopelessness akin to the most incoherent nightmare. Some indication of what exactly is going on would have probably helped this miserable film gain some credibility- you don't have to explain everything, but an idea of what the fuck is going on might explain the motivations of some truly awful and inexplicably brutal behaviour. Maybe that was the point. Well, either way, it just comes off as unnecessarily cruel and self-satisfied in retaining its mystery- possibly because the film makers didn't have a fucking clue what it was about either. Shaun Dooley is still awesome though.

Chayanin T (es) wrote: LOVE IT.It's beautiful and unique, and stolen my heart.Unfortunately, most of Thai people didn't have chance to see this one 'perfectly' in the theatre

Yamin M (jp) wrote: Good movie keeps u glued to the screen.Jessica had a rough life but she was very strong, determined women.Shame about the ending though.Luk out for Home and Aways Ric Dalby right at the end.

Colin S (us) wrote: Garner is utterly charismatic and watchable but can't save this script from being very fractured in plot and mood - there's an unfortunate mix of unexpected and inconsistently-ruled semi-mysticism alongside what seems to be a family-friendliness. A simpler look into the character's psychology might have been more interesting but it seems that this movie wanted to be too many things at once.

Lisa S (jp) wrote: Although it was interesting to see a movie where Mr. Hyde of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde is actually Jack the Ripper, this movie isn't as visually exciting as the story needs to be. Not enough blood and gore for me. Plus, Perkins was the only good actor in the movie. I did like the ending, though, but the rest of the movie needs more excitement.

Molly W (de) wrote: One of my favorites, the escape scene is unforgettable

Bill G (ca) wrote: Brilliant funny trash. Michelle Bauer at her hottest.

Alex O (ca) wrote: While Mr.Brooks delivered on its stealler premise the film lacked that all important X factor, something you cant explain its just there. Well it wasent there in this movie. So while Mr. Brooks may be a good film it will never be the great movie it could have been with better direction. Boasts one of William Hurts greatest performaces in a losing effort.

Nick D (mx) wrote: A true, creepy, inspired, iconic masterpiece.

Matt D (fr) wrote: it's a decent slasher flick!

Allan C (ru) wrote: Director Simon Winder was coming off his highly successful adaptation of "Lonesome Dove" when he directed this likable western set in his native Australia. I also remember this film being very popular when it came out and I think it was so popular because it came out during a time where few westerns were being made and this film, despite the Australian setting was very much a throwback to old Hollywood westerns. Tom Selleck plays an American sharpshooter who goes down under for a job working for evil land baron Alan Rickman. Selleck takes an immediate dislike to Rickman and Rickman's thugs then spend most of the movie chasing him, along with a half crazed Laura San Giacomo, across the outback. The story is a pretty familiar western ranchers vs. the little guy story, but the film overcomes the weak story and weak characterizations with the gorgeous Australian setting and Selleck (about as quintessentially "American" an actor as you can get) being perfectly cast. Add in a rousing score by Basil Poledouris and you have a solidly entertaining western.

Calvin R (au) wrote: Kung Fu Panda is the start of a great franchise. Its hilarious, great animation, great story, great action sequence, and very entertaining.