Duel at Diablo

Duel at Diablo

While crossing the desert, a frontier scout, Jess Remsberg (Garner), rescues Ellen Grange (Andersson) from a pursuing band of Apaches, and returns her to her husband, Willard Grange (Weaver). He is contracted to act as a scout for an Army cavalry unit. Willard, Ellen, and her infant son are along for the ride, as is horse trader Toller (Poitier), a veteran of the 10th Cavalry (the "Buffalo Soldiers"). The party is trapped in a canyon by Chata, an Apache chief and grandfather of Ellen's baby. Willard is captured and tortured. Jess sneaks away and brings reinforcements just in time to save the day. Jess learns that the man he has been hunting is none other than Willard Grange.

The film takes place on a film set in In Apache territory. A new battle will happen and an ex-scout attempts to find out the murderer of his Indian wife. How do they face the Apache lover's tribe? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simon P (kr) wrote: Deeply disturbing (fun). Alyce is sexy and just a tiny little bit fucking mentally unhinged. I kind of like her.

Sam P (ca) wrote: Very enjoyable and pretty level sided which adds to the intrigue. Definitely worth a watch if you're in to this genre

Eric C (mx) wrote: < 3/4' 1/4(TM)>,-?... 1/4... 1/4,' 3/4' 3/4- 1/2

Campbell P (ag) wrote: Dead Snow starts off as the typical horror movie with a group of friends taking a vacation in the mountains. While everything seems like fun and games in the beginning, a strange mountain man warns them that there is evil lurking in the area. From then on its gory zombie Nazi galore! Dead Snow is exactly what I imagined it to be, it's a zombie movie with a goofy twist. If you aren't on board with the ridiculousness of Nazi zombies, this is gonna be a long movie. What this film did really well was building up scares and suspense. There's way more intense buildup than I expected, there's so much tension in every scene once the zombies rose. This film also is challenging to watch because of the gory content. Gore in film could go either way, it can be used for style or real brutal effect or it can be used in the absolute wrong way where directors just wanna show how much blood they can shed before the end of the film. Dead Snow kinda goes both ways because it's not very stylish and there were some way too over the top scenes which I guess is this kind of movie but other times it's used to show the real trauma and seriousness of the moment. A good example is when Vegard is hanging from the intestines of the zombie he had previously killed while a zombie is hanging onto his legs. Once he's bitten he tries to stitch the wound together and fails, but it really shows what brutality is happening to these guys and instead of them just getting bitten and getting knocked down it shows a more realistic view of this happening in real life. The acting by the lead characters weren't bad either, they were a bit cliched at the beginning but I got to the point where I rooted even for the guy that seemed like the wisecrack at the beginning. The story is really a get from point A to point B kind of story and it just doesn't feel like the writers put as much effort into writing the story as they did with makeup and set pieces. There could've been a bit more character setup because I couldn't really feel super bad when a character died because there really wasn't time for me to get attached to anyone. Nevertheless Dead Snow was an interesting zombie film that's packed with gore and a lot of high stake scenes but doesn't have a great story to go with it. C+

Lucy W (es) wrote: Kwl film but i lost the plot about halfway throu still really funny

Jeffrey A (ru) wrote: An interesting watch to be sure, but JJ Leigh's quirky portrayal didn't capture a daughter even a flinty heartbroken father would sequester. I found each of the four main characters were so emotionally torqued that their interactions became a sort of screwball tragedy. Fascinating nonetheless.

Jon C (nl) wrote: standard stuff and the story meanders quite a bit during the middleit covers everything we've seen countless timesthe film also reminded me of 'My Best Friend's Wedding'but the movie has Meg Ryan's performance which is more than amazing watching her act like a bumbling, clueless lovesick womanand Kevin Line completely hams it up acting as a Frenchman which is entertaining despite the caricature presenceParis's locations are astonishing to look at which to the film's credit adds such a luxurious feel and to the romancenot awful

Ian C (au) wrote: Un autre film ou Piper se doit d're dsir par le plus de filles possible.. Mais cette fois en combattant des mutants grenouilles !

Christina M (gb) wrote: good movie ( tom hanks-actor)

Spencer S (it) wrote: There isn't really much to say about "My Dinner with Andre" other than that it's a simple, dialectic piece of filmmaking that feels like a play. It's a conversation between two interesting people who are educated, slightly enlightened, but forever questioning of the structure of the universe. Ebert has said, "Someone asked me the other day if I could name a movie that was entirely devoid of clichs. I thought for a moment, and then answered, 'My Dinner with Andre.'" This may be because of its unassuming concept, but also because there really is nothing like this film around. Some people find the conversation boring and the mood morose, others think the political and socio-economic values of the conversation are too opposed to their own ideals. To love this film you must love dialogue, subtlety, and the sweet surrender of the theater. Otherwise this film will bore you to tears. If you philosophize, wonder, or debate the many merits of the universe, this is a film that will speak to you on an atomic level. I myself found the two men interesting, but not fascinating, and that's a good distinction. You want to feel like you yourself could speak about travel, morality, and the sanctity of art, or else you're lost. I felt right at home among the good food, good friends, and the New York streets passing by during the ending cab ride home.

Elise C (us) wrote: I thought the ending was great, but that 70s terror synth is enough to give you a headache. Campy B movie.

Facebook U (jp) wrote: Lots of awkward moments in the film, not just one. Very few good moments. I found the film strange. Like phoney guy date film and real girly film. The guys have an homersexual feel to them. And they still score bitches like nothing. Didn't work for me.

Uriel G (au) wrote: Good history wasted in a boring and really slow film.

Colton M (nl) wrote: This film, much like Bashki's other work, is a feast for the eyes. I love the irreverence, the grit and the utter strangeness of this movie. The Maybellene scene is brilliant.